5 Ways to Leverage Google Analytics to Make Smart Business Decisions

5 Ways to Leverage Google Analytics to Make Smart Business Decisions

Oct 8, 2018, 11:53:48 PM Tech and Science

Google Analytics allows you to measure your website’s performance beyond simple metrics like page views, social media shares, and blog post comments. It gives you a holistic picture and a chance to dig deeper to understand how you’re actually faring online.

More importantly, Google Analytics can provide helpful insights you can leverage to make smarter business decisions. In this brief article, we’ll show you 5 ways how to do so.

Justify Mobile Compatibility
Redesigning your site is no easy task, nor is it cheap. However, it is now more crucial than ever to cater to all users, including those accessing your site using a mobile device. Luckily, that’s where Google Analytics can come in especially handy.

Simply click Audience in Google Analytics, and navigate to Mobile> Overview. Make sure to click “Yes” in the Mobile column, and you will be presented with a neat table showing all the visits coming from mobile devices in the past 6 or 12 months. You can also check out “Bounce Rate” of these mobile visits.

For example, if you find that 33% of your site visits come from mobile and the associated bounce rate is 65%, it might be high-time to optimize your website for mobile users.

Carry Out Usability (A/B) Tests
It should be your number one goal to make your site as user-friendly as possible. Thankfully, the Google Analytics’ Behavior Flow report can help you do just that. Navigate from Behavior> Behavior Flow, and check out how many users are navigating from one page to another. If you find that there’s a huge drop-off at a particular level, you might want to get rid of that level altogether.

Similarly, if there’s a big flow to a particular page, it’s best to bring that page to the front to increase usability.

Gauge Your SEO Strategy
The good thing about Google Analytics is that it shows you where traffic is coming from (visits source), whether social media, blogs, other sites, search and so on. You can use these numbers to figure out if your SEO efforts are paying off or not.

Determine Which Features Deserve More Resources
Navigate Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. In the All Pages section, you will check out by % which pages are getting the most hits, and, hence, require more attention and resources. On the other hand, you might also decide to revamp features/pages that are getting fewer visits.

See When/Where Users are Exiting Your Site
Google Analytics tells you more than bounce rates; it shows you where and when users bail on your site. This is especially useful when you are tuning the tone and style of your content.

Remember Google Analytics is a tool and not your decision-maker. That’s why you need to take an incisive look at available data, pose a question, and use the information from Google Analytics to make a smarter decision. You can also consolidate with professional SEO agency to do Analysis and take the right decisions for better website performance and conversion.

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