7 Ways to Drink Your Coffee Healthy

7 Ways to Drink Your Coffee Healthy

Jan 23, 2018, 4:26:52 AM Opinion

Coffee, who can do without it?
Much has already been written about coffee and health. In itself, coffee does not have to be unhealthy. But it depends on how you put it and what you do in it. So, you can do something yourself to drink your coffee healthy.

1.    Go for quality
Coffee beans come in different types and flavors. Coffee beans grow on plants, and they are often richly sprayed with insecticides and other poisonous species that you do not benefit from as a person. You might think about choosing organic or organically grown coffee beans.

2.    How do you make your coffee?
In the latest guidelines for healthy food, it is recommended to make coffee with a paper filter. This is because of the fat that occurs naturally in coffee beans, cafestol. Cafestol works cholesterol, but if you put the coffee with a paper filter, the cafestol stays behind in the paper filter.
Now I like to drink Nespresso. What else? And there is no paper filter involved. So I looked on the internet for info about coffee cups and cafestoles. According to the Nestle, a cup of Nespresso coffee supplies 0.75 mg of cafestol. With five cups, your cholesterol level increases by 0.05 mmol / L and you would get the same increase if you eat half an egg. That is not so bad, and so I can continue to drink with peace of mind. For coffee to put in an espresso coffee maker is about the same.

3.    What do you want in your coffee?
No sugar hopefully? A few cups of coffee with a lot of sugar provide a lot of extra calories. Black coffee delivers only 1 kcal per 100 ml. If you drink your coffee with sugar, you add 20 kcal per sugar cube. That is not so shocking, but if you drink three cups of coffee with two sugar cubes per cup, then you are already at the 120 kcal. And that is a considerable part of the 2100 kcal that you need as a woman per day.

4.    Canderel/Sweetener in your coffee?
Canderel is an alternative if you like sweet but do not want to use sugar. It gives your coffee a bitter taste quickly, so it is always about the taste! Unsweetened remains the best option. And I know from experience, it takes you a few days and then you do not want anything else.

5.    Milk in the coffee?
Do you like milk in your coffee? These are over-processed products with many additives and coffee creamers are known for their trans fats. If you do not have to pay attention to the calories, you could use a dash of cream. A lump of grass butter or a scoop of coconut oil in your coffee is also a trend, but you have to love that. If you pay attention to the calories, black is the best option.

6.    When do you drink coffee?
Coffee supplies caffeine, and that is a stimulant. That is probably also one of the reasons that coffee is such a favorite drink because it does not bother you when you are tired.
That same caffeine can therefore also ensure that you stay awake when you want to sleep. Do not sleep well and do you have the idea that caffeine could be the cause? Then try to stop drinking coffee after an hour or three in the afternoon and see if it helps.

7.    Add a healthy taste
You can buy all kinds of packages and bags with flavored coffee or ready-to-use cappuccino. Easy maybe, but not a healthy choice. These often contain the unhealthy fructose syrup, and milk powder contains trans-fat, the unhealthiest type of fat.
If you want a taste, add a pinch of cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa or a piece of dark chocolate to your coffee (filter). That not only gives a nice taste of cinnamon is healthy because cinnamon regulates blood sugar and can lower cholesterol. Cocoa and especially dark chocolate bring all kinds of health benefits.

Published by Mudassar Ali

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