Badminton Rackets: Points to Consider While Buying Best One

Badminton Rackets: Points to Consider While Buying Best One

Sep 24, 2018, 2:44:08 AM Sport

A sport is the best way to make the body fit, but many people choose it as a profession. Whether it is for the recreation purpose or the profession one, sports should be taken as granted. The sports goods should be chosen wisely, and by this, you are doing justice with the particular sport. Some people think that sports good doesn’t matter a lot in learning it, but it’s not true at all. Badminton is the world fastest sport which features double or single games to drive the shuttlecock over the net.

But it is imperative that you choose the right racket for you to play this amazing game. There are many of the sports goods online stores available and one can easily have their best goods to play their favourite game. For playing badminton, it is very important to buy the right kind of racquet and here are some of the points to consider while buying them.

The special attention is given to the frame of the racket, and they come in steel and aluminium. Aluminium frame is good as they are light in weight. They are used for making the good grip. Graphite models are the lightest one and to make the excellent speed and grip they are more preferred by the sportsperson. For the beginners' steel frame rackets are good.

Grip Size:
Before buying the best racquet for you first check the grip as it is more effective in playing this game. Many of the shops give you the size measurement advice so that it can help you in buying the best one. For example, if you find the handle too small to make the good grip, then your game will definitely be affected.

Sometimes just buying after many pieces of advice can’t give you the feel of comfort while playing so it is better to go local badminton clubs to try different brands so that you can be aware of what is good for you.

String Tension:
The Good game all depends on the good sports goods. New players need the low string tension; they should choose the tension ranging from 15 to 22 lbs. Experienced players who have the strength in their wrist can use the string tension up to 22 to 28 lbs. This helps in giving more accuracy and control.

The shape of the rackets matters a lot while playing. According to the sports company isometric feature that is relatively square shape helps in increasing the sweet spot. The sweet spot is smaller in the oval head rackets, and they pack more power for the seasoned player.

Shaft Flexibility:
According to your skill level, for the professional player's stiff shafts provides the better performance. Flexibility helps in adding the speed in the game, and there is a need for more flexibility for the new players. Along with that, there will be more flexibility, more power and speed, when the new players learn the perfection in the game.

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