Best Hot Tubs With Pros and Cons: Which One is Best

Best Hot Tubs With Pros and Cons: Which One is Best

Relaxing the body and leaving behind all the stress and making the rest of the day happy, what people choose for that? To soothe your muscles and unwind from a long day, the best thing you can do is going a spa. But do you know there are four types of hot tubs, and you should be aware of all these before using them than whether they are wood fired hot tubs or in-ground spas? 

Here we are going to reflect some of them with pros and cons.

1. Inflatable And Portable Hot Tubs: What exactly are they? Inflatable hot tubs are more portable than others once but being portable is not enough as they are less durable. These are for the families or the individual that want a Jacuzzi but can't afford the price of the typical spa. 

Pro: The low cost is the pros of this inflatable hot tub

Con: Inflatable tub is made from vinyl, nylon, or plastic, not the most robust material. The blower system fails to keep water temperature that is its second con.

2. Wooden Hot Tubs: These wood-fired hot tubs are made up of basically cedar, teak, or redwood. These hot tubs offer a simple design and easy maintenance. The wood acts as the healing agent for various medical ailments like stress, depression, sleeplessness. 

Pro: These hot tubs are eco-friendly and need less maintenance as compared to other hot tubs. People can have a chemical-free bath in them. Wooden hot tubs are durable.

Con: although there are no such cons, an interested one can go for buying or can quickly go for do-it-yourself.

3. In-Ground Spa: The most expensive spa here is this one where installation alone can cost much. These hot tubs will not be moved once installed. The digging, plumbing and electrical work process is too long, which is time-consuming. 

Pro: the style and look can be as per your taste; some have seating accommodations. They offer the best visual appeal.

Con: Too expensive to construct, and if maintenance is required, then again, one has to pay lots of pennies. 

4. Above Ground Acrylic Hot Tubs: these hot tubs are portable as they have fibreglass or foam under the structure. Foam, wood, or synthetic cabinet is also present. Moving these hot tubs is relatively easy. They need a firm foundation, such as a concrete slab, to place them. 

Pro: they are durable and have a longer life span.

Con: if exposed to the sun, then it causes damage to the acrylic surface. The family who has the money to spend should consider this one.

Which one better: According to the above pros and cons, the wood-fired hot tubs are the best ones as they are durable, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly too. 

Money is not everything, but the benefits that wooden hot tubs offer make it better among all four. These four hot tubs are for the people who can spend for such once to have a comfortable and relaxed body and mind.

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