Choosing the Perfect HubSpot Inbound Marketing Partner

Choosing the Perfect HubSpot Inbound Marketing Partner

Nov 27, 2018, 11:19:40 PM Business

How do you choose the perfect HubSpot inbound marketing partner for your business?

Do you even know what to look for in an inbound marketing partner?

Throughout the past decade, we have seen a surge in the popularity of inbound marketing as an increasing number of companies have come to realize the advantages and benefits that they stand to gain from publishing content related to their core objectives and prospects.

However, you can find it to be a bit daunting when you need to choose the right inbound marketing agency. Currently, there are well over 2,000 agencies on HubSpot to select from, and each of them has its own range of expertise and level of experience.

If you are looking to achieve long-term success for your business, then there is no overemphasizing the importance of choosing the right HubSpot inbound marketing partner.

As an overview, the right partner must be able to work effectively with the processes that you're currently running, possess the relevant experience (especially within the industry that you belong to), and must have a set of consistent working processes that, over time, must have shown to provide the kind of results that you are looking to achieve — both in the short and long term.

To wit, make sure that you look out for the following traits before you choose a HubSpot agency to be your inbound marketing partner:

An Understanding of Their Role
This is one major aspect that a lot of clients tend to overlook.
In order for your HubSpot inbound marketing partner to function effectively, they will need to develop a proper understanding of their role. The ideal partner you're looking for is one that can come in as a consultant and an advisor.

Your ideal partner will be able to understand and relate to your pains and struggle, the goals you've set, and the major selling points that can get you the clientele that you desire.

This means that they need to be familiar with everything about your business, maybe even right down to the intricacies of your location (although that doesn't necessarily mean that if your business is located in the US, you should only look for a HubSpot agency in your area). Champion agencies, like Hubspot Diamond Tiered Penguin Strategies, offer global support for businesses with representation located strategically in the East Coast and Israel and an immense talent pool of experienced b2b marketing experts in a wide range of industries and professional disciplines.

This understanding helps the agency proceed with the right marketing efforts, targeting the right people, and making use of the right tools, as opposed to just wasting their—and your—time.

Marketing Capabilities
One of the first things that you need to consider will be the capabilities that you will like to see in your inbound marketing plans. A list of these capabilities will usually include the following;
●    SEO analysis and execution
●    Designing and developing your website
●    Social media marketing; planning, analysis, and execution
●    General market planning and research, including personal development and proper geographical positioning
●    An alignment between marketing and sales, which will usually include sales funnel management and lead scoring

Also, since a vast majority of B2B businesses don't have inbound plans that are executed in an isolated manner from the traditional marketing world, you need to consider all of the traditional capabilities and the potential impact that could come from having all of them coming from the same source.

External Expertise
A good HubSpot agency is one which provides expertise in HubSpot itself. This means that they need to be experts at setting up, implementing, marketing and making use of sales tools. This needs to be coupled with a perfect understanding of the numerous settings that are available within the system.

However, while this is admirable, the best HubSpot agency is one that amalgamates this with expertise that goes well beyond just HubSpot. For instance, your ideal inbound marketing partner should be an agency that has a proper understanding of marketing, how it is applied in your industry and makes use of HubSpot as a tool for implementing this in-depth knowledge of marketing.

HubSpot Integrations
Another important thing you need to put into consideration when choosing a HubSpot inbound marketing partner is integration and ease of use. An ideal partner will be able to make use of HubSpot in collaboration with various other external systems.

By doing this, you—the client—will be able to continue making use of the SEO, CRM, back-office, and other external tools that you will need to ensure that smooth running of your business.

A Well-Defined Working Process
The success of any inbound marketing campaign usually comes from the quality of the process that has been employed. The best agencies are those that are able to refine their services into processes that will help them deliver quick and consistent results. Inasmuch as inbound marketing requires a custom approach for a different company, there are certain repeatable processes that can help optimize certain aspects of the work.

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