How to make Mexican food less in cholesterol?

How to make Mexican food less in cholesterol?

Jun 17, 2019, 1:40:12 AM Life and Styles

Mexican food is always delicious and tasty to eat. Who don’t prefer tasty dishes with lots of cheese, sour cream and tortillas? But wait! Can you enjoy all this delicious food If you’re cholesterol high? Well, yes. You don’t need to cut your Mexican food which is high in cholesterol, all you need to do is control your Mexican food cholesterol. There are numerous variations you can bring in your dishes whether you are out at a restaurant or want to cook at your home.

Tortilla chips:
You don’t have to completely quit tortilla chips out of your life If you want a low cholesterol Mexican food. You simply need to switch to healthy tortilla chips. There are tortilla chips which are low or are absolutely cholesterol free. Look for tortillas which have only corn, salt and oil in its ingredients.

Mexican food is incomplete without cheese. But on a cholesterol diet you need to limit the amount of cheese in your food. While cooking Mexican cholesterol free dish at home instead of high cholesterol cheese sprinkle veggies on top of your dish. If you can not live without adding cheese then choose a low cholesterol cheese.

Beans have a very good impact on lowering you cholesterol levels and also maintain body’s protein and fibre. Add beans into your salads or tortillas or burritos. You can go for dark black beans or pinto beans.

To add more flavours to your Mexican cholesterol free dish you can add spices into it. As Mexican dishes have some mouth watering spices to add in. You can add jalapeño or habanero.

Guacamole instead of sour cream:
Sour cream is very rich in cholesterol. And you definitely need to get rid of it when you’re on a cholesterol free diet. But we have an alternate for you as well. You can alter guacamole to sour cream. Guacamole contains avocado, spices and tomatoes which will add flavour to your dish and also it gives that creamy texture to your dish you need without adding any cholesterol.

Chicken or shrimp fajitas:
Fajitas can is a absolute delicious dish. But it can also be made cholesterol free If you add grilled chicken or shrimp instead of beef. Also fajitas doesn’t have cheese so it’s already a cholesterol low dish to eat.

Chicken or fish tacos:
Tacos are high cholesterol dish. But they can be made lower cholesterol dish If you add chicken or fish instead of beef. And choose the tortillas made of corn. Don’t add cheese or sour cream instead add jalapeño, roasted veggies to add the flavour.

Burritos can be made tasty and healthy. You can have a cholesterol free burrito if you add grilled chicken or shrimp instead of beef. Also add brown rice, black beans and veggies. Skip the cheese and sour cream. Keep in mind that the tortillas to wrap the burrito should be made only of corn to keep your burrito cholesterol free.

There are other Mexican cholesterol free dishes you can enjoy even If you are at cholesterol diet. You don’t need to cut food from your diet. All you need to do is choose healthy ingredients for your food.

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