How to Transfer Files from Your Android to Mac?

How to Transfer Files from Your Android to Mac?

Jul 16, 2018, 9:27:04 PM Tech and Science

From time to time it is necessary that we connect our Android mobile phone to our computers. In this way, we can transfer files and photographs, for example, or download documents to our mobile. Android File Transfer is the necessary tool to do this with a Mac.

Android File Transfer: what is it?
Android File Transfer is an application that permits you to connect an Android mobile phone and an Apple Mac computer. It is a necessary program to act as a bridge since without it is simply not possible to do this.
From here, the truth is that its functions are the basic ones, those that can be expected from a tool called "file transfer". Through a USB connection, you can exchange music, videos and documents between your mobile and your Mac. Also, there is another handy file transfer tool named Commander One. With the help of Commander One, you can easily transfer files from your Android device to Mac.

How can I install Android File Transfer?

From your Mac
You must access the official website of Android File Transfer and download the application from the button Download Now. You must have macOS 10.7 or a higher version to use this tool. When downloaded, open the .dmg file and drag it to the Applications folder.

From your Android
On your mobile phone, you should not download anything special. What you will need is a USB cable to connect your mobile to Mac. Preferably, use the cable that came standard with your Smartphone, since you will ensure the best experience. You will need, yes, Android 3.0 or a higher version.

How can I use Android File Transfer?
Once you have installed Android File Transfer on your Mac, you must open the program on your computer. Connect your mobile via the USB cable and, if you see a notification that says USB for ...  you must select the option Transfer files. On your Mac, the program window will open, which will function as a normal and current file browser. From here, you can browse over the folders on your mobile phone, and it will simply be a matter of transferring the files you want between devices. In the end, disconnect the USB cable from the computer, and this will close the program.

What else should I keep in mind?
In general, everything you need to know is already covered. This tool is very simple to install and use, something that is appreciated given its usefulness and the imperative that is to connect a Mac and an Android.  

Problems related to the Mac
Remember that it is necessary to have Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. In addition, it is recommended opening the program first and then connecting the mobile phone. Finally, a restart of the computer is made if the connection does not work; the oldest trick in the world.

Problems related to Android mobile
Remember that it is necessary to have Android 3.0 or higher. Make sure you have updated your mobile phone to the latest version available for your terminal. In case the connection does not work, recommend, of course, restart the mobile.

Problems related to the connection of USB
It is better to check that the USB cable is suitable for transferring files, although the best option will always be to use the USB cable that comes with the mobile phone, which is usually the one used to charge them. It is also recommended trying other mobile phones and computers in case of problems, to try to determine where the failure occurs.

If you know of any other application that helps you Android file transfer for Mac, you can tell us your practice in the comments section.

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