How You Are Ruining Your Timber Furniture

How You Are Ruining Your Timber Furniture

Nov 2, 2018, 10:38:16 PM Life and Styles

Timber furniture is an important part of your home. It plays an essential role in your home decoration. Wooden furniture is quite costly, but it is long-lasting if you do proper care of it. The quality and life of the furniture depend on its maintenance.

To protect your furniture, you have to polish it regularly. Heat, moisture, silicone, pets, dust, direct sunlight and candle wax can damage your furniture. It’s always important to buy the furniture from a trusted manufacturer. Amaze furniture is one such renowned name that provides quality Australian furniture.

Here in this article, we elaborate some basic mistakes of yours that ruin your timber furniture and diminish its shining.

By Wearing Big Size Watches and Jewellery:
The first thing that we all do and also not aware of it. Your jewellery such as large bracelets, heavy bangles and rings can ruin your furniture. It put scratches on it and also affects its attractiveness. Huge watches can also damage your furniture. The best way to protect your wood from it is to use a tablecloth.

Using Improper cleaning Techniques:
The second mistake is very common that is we are cleaning furniture with dusting sprays and silicon polishes. If you want to keep your furniture long-lasting, then avoid it. These things can give a temporary shine to your wood and then it attracts more dust and dirt that ultimately damage your furniture. The best way to clean your wood is with the help of slightly wet cotton clothes and then with a dry cloth.

Place Hot Things Directly on the Table:
This is another common mistake that you do. By putting hot things directly on the furniture without heat, protection will damage it. Besides this, use stands to put hot utensils and the other way is using under serving pieces, these can protect your table from scratches.

Not Using Place Mats and Tablecloths:
It is the best way to protect your wood from spills. You do this mistake that ruins your wood. Placemats are a good option for daily usages, and a tablecloth will be the best choice for a large group. Cotton cloth is better than synthetic cloth. To enjoy your beautiful wood do not placemats and clothes permanently on your wood.

Using Knife & Sharp Instrument Over Wood:
We sometimes use a sharp instrument to clean our furniture. That is the big mistake that we do.  If you want to enhance the life of your wood, then avoid using anything metal such as scissors or a knife it will probably damage the wood. The best way to remove wax clumps by using a credit card. If the stains do not remove properly than put a cloth over it and run a slightly warm iron over it.  This will clean your wood without any damage.

Conclusion: To protect your wood, you have to avoid all the above mistakes. When you keep these mistakes in your mind, you can definitely enhance the life of your wood.

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