Mistakes to Avoid when Selling a Vacant Home

Mistakes to Avoid when Selling a Vacant Home

Aug 19, 2018, 10:56:42 PM Life and Styles

There may be many reasons as to feel the need to sell a vacant home; however, every seller would want to make sure it is sold for maximum cost and as quickly as possible.

Obviously, all those owning homes who wish to sell have to keep up with the ongoing mortgage payments, the maintenance expenses, payment of the insurance or even managing the other carrying costs. The burden of these expenses and tasks simply means that the sooner you sell a vacant home, the more relieved you feel.

The success of selling a vacant home has a lot to do with avoiding major mistakes which can help you achieve force for sale as well as save a quite an amount of money.

Mistakes to Avoid:

Some mistakes are necessary to be avoided to sell a vacant house successfully. Major ones are highlighted below:

1.    Ignoring the Security of the Home:
It is very important to keep the home secure in every way possible to avoid any damage caused by weather changes, intruders, illegal tenants, criminals or hooligans.

2.    Keeping the Home Entirely Empty:
It will take longer to sell your house if it is entirely vacant than those occupied. This is because the buyers wish to see a house as a home, and empty homes do not hold the same look. Setting some furniture and décor to make it look like it has been lived in help when probable buyers visit the house. Besides, empty rooms do look smaller, and buyers need an idea to see how space may be used.

3.    Not Replacing Fixtures, Broken Doors/Windows, Light bulbs etc.:
Sellers need to take out enough time to replace broken doorknobs, light bulbs, switchboards, drawer pulls, taps etc.  These may not come off as major deciding factors for a home purchase, but if these are not repaired or functional, a potential buyer will have trouble ignoring them which might get in the way of their opinion of the whole place.

4.    Not Cleaning Up the Home Properly:
Before calling a buyer, a seller must make sure to keep the home spotless because the buyers would notice all dirty details otherwise. You must wash the windows, clean behind toilets and a lot more. You must regularly check or hire a house cleaner to ensure that there is no dust accumulating anywhere.

5.    Not Getting Rid of Any Potential Pest Problems:
In addition to keeping the home clean, you might need to hire a trustworthy pest control company to eradicate any probable pest problems. You must make regular visits to the house to ensure no dead bugs are lying around the place. The pest company might even have to be called multiple times if your house stays on the market for long.

A fast sale is rather a challenge especially for vacant homes since vacant homes usually sell slower than occupied ones. Avoiding these and some other major mistakes while selling a vacant house might actually help a seller forwards a successful sale.

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