R. Kelly Just Told His Ex-Wife to Look for A Job to Take Care of Kids

R. Kelly Just Told His Ex-Wife to Look for A Job to Take Care of Kids

Jun 15, 2019, 3:36:02 AM Entertainment

Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of the controversial singer R. Kelly, is completely fed up with the behaviour of her former husband and thinks he should go and look for a job to pay her monthly alimony.

"Drea," said that when she was a guest at TMZ Live, where she and her daughter Buki Abi sat down.

R Kelly no longer has a hard way to meet his maintenance obligation, and his ex doesn't care. According to the Celebrity Insider R. Kelly Just Told His Ex-Wife to find our a job to take care of the kids, she says that the singer only has to look for a job.

Drea spitfire and said, among other things, that "she doesn't care what he does, as long as he pays."

 R. Kelly would still owe his ex about $ 32,000 after he paid her a significant backlog earlier this year.

The singer's legal team, however, claims that this was an interest, but according to TMZ, "only" $ 11,500 is the amount of interest, and the remaining sum of money is intended for alimony and a contribution to the education of the children.

R. Kelly himself still believes that "his business is doing very well".

Earlier this month, R. Kelly denied eleven new charges of sexual abuse in a Chicago court.

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