Top Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Rule the Industry

Top Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Rule the Industry

Mar 3, 2018, 12:00:23 AM Tech and Science


With the passage of time, the technique and resources are getting changed. All this updated are being introduced in the digital industry only to bestow top quality services with maximum RoI (Return on Investment). Among all the digital marketing tactics, the social media has erupted as a boon for the professional digital marketers who always look forward to boosting their online presence.

And because of that, there is a high demand for social media services for business. Now, similar to other digital marketing tactics, social media had too experienced many tweaks that will be helpful or your business and boosted your sales count.

So, here are the top trends in social media marketing that you can implement in your existing social media strategy and experience business growth.

Increased Engagement Rate:
 As compared to previous year statistics, you won’t believe that the engagement rate between the customer and brands has increased a lot. This is because, nowadays, social customers prefer to share/mention a brand while sharing any of their post on their timeline. This makes it easy for the brand to build a social reputation.

Quick Response using Chatbots:
 The use of Artificial Intelligence has really changed the way you serve your customers. When it comes to social platform, you will experience that the use of social chatbots has increased a lot since last few years. The biggest realm is captured by the Facebook messenger that entertains a maximum number of customers with its quick response and autoresponder trait.

Introduction of Instagram Stories:
 Earlier, Snapchat was the only social app that makes use of stories, but with the increase in demand, Facebook make an attempt to introduce Stories feature in Instagram as well as Facebook official application. And this really blessed the brand with the positive response. The engagement level of the brands experienced a hike with the use of stories on Instagram and Facebook. This trend is even increasing day by day.

Increased Video Content:
 Gone are the days when people were restricted to use internet services with limited bandwidth. With the introduction of the high-speed internet, the use of video content has increased, and that has allowed the brands to use it for brand promotion. Some brands mostly rely on visual content to promote their products and build trust.

Use of Voice Search and AI:
 The technology is taking a leap, and as a result, the social platforms are being added to voice search as well as augmented reality. These two revolutionary technologies have already transformed the usage of social media that was limited to text and low-quality graphics. Most of the customers are already using these technologies in their daily life.

So, what are you waiting for? If you totally agree with these points, it’s time to implement these trends into your existing marketing strategy and visualize a hike in the business output. Here the considerable point is that the same strategy is never same for every business. So, in order to get maximum benefit, you need to tweak the social media strategy according to your business and customer needs.

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