Types of Church Signage and its Functions

Types of Church Signage and its Functions

May 4, 2019, 11:28:14 PM Life and Styles

Aside from the ordinary and usual usage of signage, proper signage in the church is still critical. People get positive experience when they are well-guided with the church signages which are available. Also, a church who uses signage could inform plenty of walk-by passers regarding what are the updates of the church. Non-goers towards church regularly may also have a glimpse of activities that are coming within the denomination.  In most cases, there are plenty of people who are regularly attending church schedules, businesses, and events.  

The church should be a place like home for everyone also. Since fostering love and understanding of other people is one of the life virtues that need to be flourished.  However, without proper signage, people may screw up to one another for not seeing and not adequately guided and reminded with the way of life that needs to be followed.  With that, we will be disclosing types of church signage together with its functions. By this, it will help many people in different reasons.

3D Painted Church Letters
Commonly, it is produced through aluminum or stainless steel. It is used to make the name of the church visible even from afar. The letter which is the church name, are welded and fabricated together to create a boxed-style message. These letters now have depth and look three-dimensional already.  

If preferred, the letters can also be painted in a different of hard-wearing paint colors.  Just make sure that it is suitable for outdoor usage also. And as usual, the 3D painted church letters will be mounted to the walls using several raised wall fixings. By such, the letters looked floating and raised. And lastly, to make it visible at night, put on LED lighting at its back.

Standing Church Signboards
The Standing Church Signboards may have various application and usage.  It may also come with different color, size, and style. Primarily, the use of this is to inform people. This type of signage may have content regarding the church schedule or church landmark. In most cases, this is used for posting the schedule of prayer meetings, workshop service, or thanksgiving.  

The signage may be produced with a traditional border that runs around its outer edge. Or if wanted, it may also be borderless to make it simple. Whichever you may use, what matters most is the visibility of the letters and numbers which are embroid in there. Commonly, aluminum or stainless steel is recommended for this type of signage.

Directional Church Signage
It is essential signage that all of the buildings established needs to have its proper guidance towards the people who are coming. With its primary function, the directional church signage is used for direction as its sense. The use of this signage may demonstrate hospitality. As everyday needs, people who own a car needs to park. In the middle of the church activity, others may go to the comfort room. If the garden is available within the vicinity of the place, reminders and prohibition may be posted.  

This type of signage will give your members, and non-members know where to go and what to do because of the directional church signage. Even if the place is holy, to keep the orderliness and cleanliness of the sacred place, people need to be informed with this simple signage to keep them intact. The designation of kid’s area may also be helpful to maintain and sustain the quiet ambiance of the church that is needed.  

Outdoor Church Signs
The outdoor church sign allows the people within the community that the church is located in there. It serves as the landmark which members and non-members of the church may see. There are numerous types of outdoor signage which could be possible to use. It could be in the form of a Light Box Sign in which the name of the church is within the signage, and it was displayed like a standard business signage form.  

It could also be an Outdoor LED sign that is also visible as the lightbox sign because it has lit-up designs. However, within this outdoor sign, there could be chances of changing the messages or even the features within the screen. In a simple sense, you can program words that will appear in different time of the LED display.  It may be bible verses, schedules, invitation, videos, and the likes.  

The given types of Church signage have different purpose and designation for the place. These church signs are recommended and suggested to be visible within a church. These are helpful towards many people, and thus, it boosts the publicity of the church. Through these church signs, there may be a chance of getting more guests or visitors, not because they were enticed with signage, but due to the information and updates which are posted within these signages.

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