WATCH Your Wedding Day-Some Nice Wristwatch Options for the Groom

WATCH Your Wedding Day-Some Nice Wristwatch Options for the Groom

Aug 7, 2018, 2:24:32 AM Life and Styles

As the life goes on, there are many occasions and celebrations that we come across throughout our lives, but one of the most special occasions for an individual would be the ‘wedding day’.

Looking handsome on the wedding day is obviously what every groom wants, and when it comes to dressing, wristwatch makes a big difference. Wearing the wedding attire without a watch gives an incomplete look at your attire but wearing a watch adds up the sharp looks on the groom.

Before you buy a watch, Make sure:

-    The brand is original: Many fake companies manufacture brand a-like watches. This is a problem mostly when you’re buying the watch online. Therefore, you need to make sure that the website is reliable and secure.

-    It has a warranty: Most luxury wristwatch manufacturing companies provide its customer's warranty, and this would work as an assurance that the watch is original.

Let’s talk about some options of best watches for grooms that could serve as a unique wedding gift to the groom.

1-    Patek Philippe Calatrava
Are you looking for luxury? Do you have a flexible budget with no worry about how much to spend? Patek Philippe’s Calatrava could be the most appropriate option. Being the world’s first manufacturer of a wristwatch, Patek Philippe is a well-known brand for luxury wristwatches, and Calatrava is its classic watch model specially designed for formal dressing. Made from refined 18 K white gold 32mm round case and a black strap made from alligator skin, this version of Patek Philippe would give you that classy look.

2-    Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso
Want to kill two birds with one stone? Make it happen with Jaeger-LeCoultre’sReverso which offers two different watch dials – the first one having a white gold side with a copper dial while the second one has a two-tone white and pink gold side with a black dial. This watch was originally manufactured for Polo players with a protective case system that works as a shield from getting smashed by a mallet. Having this watch on your wrist would make you look chivalrous for sure.

3-    Breitling Transocean Unitime Chronograph
If you are a frequent traveller and you love it, Breitling’s Transocean Unitime Chronograph is the perfect choice for you. This is a unique luxury watch specially designed for people that love travelling and exploring different parts of the world. The watch has been designed using 18 K rose gold with a wide 46mm case and a large dial mentioning 24 time zones. Furthermore, it has a light brown, decent strap that adds beauty to its overall look. Wearing this watch would keep you motivated and confident about travelling the world with your life partner.

4-    Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945
Being one of the most luxury wrist watch making companies, Girard-Perregaux’s Vintage 1945 could be a jaw-dropping a gift for the groom because the company produces this masterpiece in few numbers making it one of the most exclusive watchmaking company. Wearing Vintage 1945 in any occasion would leave people staring at you until you take the watch off your wrist.

5-    The Omega Seamaster 300:
Designed for divers and underwater professionals, this watch was re-launched with additional enhanced features for those adventurers who are looking forward to exploring places on land and underwater. The watch is designed using the latest technology, and the materials include 18K carat gold, liquid metal and 18k cedna gold. This could be a great option for a groom who loves adventure and exploring new places.

6-    Hyper Chrome Captain Cook
If the groom is looking forward to having that extraordinary debonair looks on his wedding day, Rado’s Hyper Chrome Captain Cook should be on his wrist on the big day! This piece of the gorgeous wrist watch is made with a 45 mm case in hardened titanium along with carbon diffused steel and high tech ceramic.

7-    Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline
Wear the Quartz’s Hamilton Jazz master thin line and wait for the awesome comments on the day of your wedding. This is a perfect Swiss made watch with calf leather strap having four colour options to choose from. It would give a decent look that every groom wants to have on his wedding day.

8-    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust
Introduced in 1945, this masterpiece wristwatch by Rolex is the first with the feature of automatically changing date function. It has been designed in such a way that it best suits any occasion, let it be your wedding or any other important event.

So these were some gift ideas for you that you can give to the groom as a wedding present. We aimed to introduce you some nice options, now it’s surely up to you to decide which wristwatch would perfectly suit the groom.

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