3 Ways that make a Test Management Tool For Next Generation

3 Ways that make a Test Management Tool For Next Generation

Aug 18, 2021, 6:30:49 AM Tech and Science

Software testing is a main part of the software development process. Software testing has also evolved over the passage of time, however, it hasn’t changed a great deal. Enterprises are still making their best efforts to produce quality software products while meeting deadlines. They also use test management tools to maintain efficiency but Agile and DevOps teams are not too fond of using them.  

Legacy test management tools are expensive and require access to multiple databases and cause software delivery silos. On the other hand, modern test management tools have all the capabilities that help software development teams to overcome these problems and also provide additional benefits to improve software quality. 

Organizations that aim to deliver software faster and maintain quality too, need a next-generation test management tool that simplifies software testing across the company. So the question arises, what is a next-generation tool? And how is it different from the current tools available, and why should one even switch to a new one? 

Let’s see 3 keys points of what makes a test management tool next generation:

Software Testing at One Place:

A modern test management tool streamlines all departments of a business and provides team visibility into delivery pipelines so that all test processes can be viewed in one place. Most of the legacy tools involve moving in and out of a database to view or make necessary changes, which has been a feature creating silos in the testing data. This doesn’t work with the speedy delivery that Agile and DevOps teams require. So when we talk about the next generation test management tool, it makes life easier for testing teams since they have to log in only once and it also allows all stakeholders a single view of test coverage throughout the testing lifecycle. 


With the help of a test management tool users can get insights into the software quality and delivery pipelines with comprehensive metrics and reports. It also allows users to view reports by a single click which allows them to make important business decisions. Testers, stakeholders and senior decision makers can view these reports and dashboards whenever required.  

Supporting the Software Development Process

A next-generation test management tool would allow testers to utilize and make the most of their software testing efforts. It also helps the development teams to integrate with testing tools and provide undivided support throughout the software development process. 

Promotes Collaboration  

The modern software testing solutions focus on Agile approaches, which calls for more coordination and communication between teams, which is only possible with the help of an efficient test management tool. They help is supporting all communications going on between teams and major stakeholders of the project. 

Throughout the software development process, right from the beginning to the end, it is important to have a tool in place that can cater to all the software testing requirements. These tools usually require no proper training or installations and are easy to use.

Published by Muhammad Akhtar

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