Treatment of bad breath

Treatment of bad breath

Bad breath destroys a person's personality. People who have bad breath often refrain from confronting people so that other people do not notice their bad breath.

The conversation reveals a person's personality, but if bad breath comes from the mouth, then a person's self-confidence decreases. Bad breath can have many causes. This bad breath causes a lot of problems. People don't even like to sit down to talk to this person. If the stench is high, there is an embarrassment.

Don't hide your weakness but treat it because there is a cure. The causes of bad breath are as follows.


There can be many reasons for this. The biggest reason is not brushing your teeth. Things like onions and garlic cause bad breath very quickly.

And some vegetables also cause this disease, but the disease is also caused by gastrointestinal upset. There are many home remedies to avoid this embarrassment.

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Ginger treatment

Clean your mouth at night and chew an inch piece of ginger in your mouth and try to keep this juice in your mouth for one minute then do not drink water. And just look at the morning, there will be no smell.

Treatment with neem leaves

Take ten to twelve leaves of neem to remove bad breath. Boil them thoroughly in a glass of water and sift them. Gargle when the water is cool and tolerable. Chlorophyllin neem will no longer cause irritation, pain, and bleeding gums, and if bacteria are present, disinfectant water will dissipate it.

Lemon treatment

Occasionally lemons are left with a little juice. Don't throw it away but rub it on your teeth. There is a big difference between lemon and tartaric acid. Lemons do not spoil the throat but it removes toxins from the inner fibers of the mouth and the vitamin C that the teeth need reaches the teeth and will also eliminate bad breath.

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Salt treatment

Gargle with salt in lukewarm water daily as it is also good for the glands in the throat. These elements found in salt remove dead cells and remove bad breath.

Treatment with basil leaves

You take basil leaves and put them in water and boil them. When it cools down, filter it and gargle with the same water. The germs in the teeth will be eliminated.

Treatment with green coriander

Take green coriander and chew it and rub it on your teeth with fresh or dried rose flowers. This will stop the stench.

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Little cardamom

I am going to tell you a short way. You take small cardamom and put it in your mouth, it will benefit you and it will stop smelling.

Treatment with rose water

Squeeze lemons in rose water. Gargle with it at night and rubbing flower petals on teeth also remove odor.

Treatment with salt and mustard oil

At night, take a pinch of salt and mix two drops of mustard oil in it well. Mix it well on the teeth with your fingers and leave the mouth loose so that the dirty water comes out.

Sleep without rinsing. If water does not come out at all, it will make the teeth very clean and the gums strong. It will also stop the bad smell from your mouth.

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