6 Ways to Feel Confident at Your Next Interview

6 Ways to Feel Confident at Your Next Interview

Jan 24, 2019, 11:53:52 PM Opinion

Walking into an interview and sitting in the waiting room with the other candidates can feel daunting. No matter how prepared you are, you might start feeling inadequate and unconfident. You start doubting your qualifications and wondering if your resume is up-to-par.

But no matter how many potential candidates there are, there is no need to feel this way. Confidence is key, and if you show this to the interviewer - without seeming cocky - you have nothing to worry about. This is especially true if you follow these 6 tips on how to ace the interview process with confidence.

Tailor your resume to fit the job you’re applying for

Just because your resume is flawless, you should still edit it for each new position you apply for. If the potential job opportunity requires customer service skills, tailor your resume to include this and show that you are valuable. When describing your previous employment responsibilities, include tasks involving your past customer service experience.

Bring a killer reference letter

Obviously showing up to an interview with a copy of your resume is essential, but try to go above and beyond. When you also bring a list of references and reference letter, this shows that you’ve come prepared. It also demonstrates that you care about the job you’re applying for. Reach out to professors, bosses, or colleagues from your past to see about getting a reference letter.

Research the company and position beforehand

Nothing looks worse than showing up to an interview and knowing nothing about the job or company. Be sure you have a good idea of the job description and what your duties would be. It is also smart to research the company itself to learn about its beliefs and values. When answering the interviewer’s questions, try to incorporate the company values into your answers.

Dress the part

A first impression is not just dependent on your personality and skills set, but also how you look. Even the most qualified person might not get the job if he or she shows up looking unkempt and sloppy. Prepare your outfit beforehand to make sure you show up looking professional and appropriate. When you dress for an interview, make an effort to look your best and feel confident.

Put thought into the “Tell me about yourself” question

At the beginning of just about every interview, you’ll hear the same question: “Tell me about yourself.” Of course the interviewer wants to know about you, but there is a deeper meaning to this question. Depending on how you answer, the interviewer can see what you deem as important in your life and if you’ll take the job seriously. Focus on what is relevant to the job.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

An interview is not just the time for the company to get to know you, but also vice versa. This is the ideal time to ask specific details about the position and get to know the company.

The Interview Guys teach that you should prepare some questions beforehand; you won’t be put on the spot when the interviews asks if you have questions.

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