Dodging the Discouragement When Joining League of Legends

Dodging the Discouragement When Joining League of Legends

Mar 9, 2019, 4:30:32 PM Business

We’ve all seen the marketing for League of Legends. It’s second to none. A significant amount of time and money has been dedicated to animated ads, and it shows. Even people outside the gaming community have become obsessed with their promotions. If that creative outlet isn’t riveting enough, the tournaments and financial rewards are bound to make anyone stop and take notice. With the latest prize pool as high as $6.45 million, paired with a viewership of over 99.6 million, people are rethinking investment in traditional sports.

This mania has led to an inevitable boom in enthusiasm for League. The free game is downloaded so users can see what all the excitement is about. They will discover that this game isn’t just any hack and slash charger experience. Want to hang with the top dogs? You need to do your research. You need to have a strategy.

The onset is where the game can potentially lose some of the less dedicated curiosity seekers. However, if one is aware of the pitfalls, the leveling journey through League can be much more enjoyable and fulfilling. To maximize your League of Legends account, time and energy must be invested.

There's no ‘I' in team.

Teamwork is essential to becoming successful in League. Ultimately, League of Legends is a cooperative-based game. If you want to play, you have to engage with the other gamers actively. While some positions may seem flashier than others, each role is just as important as the next. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. When everyone does his or her job, the team will thrive and prevail.

Practice makes perfect.

Custom Matches and Practice Tool are safe places to practice the game, and uncover new Champions and their abilities without the added pressure of playing with others. The only catch is no XP points are awarded. You can't level up your rank in these modes. All Champions always start at level one with every new match once you go live. When you play for XP, you're playing for status.

Brave the cold shoulder.

A predominant reason people reject the game or get discouraged is the hyper-competitive community. New players will almost certainly be bullied and degraded through chat from their fellow team members. It's not uncommon to call a position, and then be pushed out of a lane. You need to have a thick skin when pursuing League.

When you first begin playing, expect to die repeatedly. It can be disheartening, especially when the penalty seems so high, because the opposing team is rewarded generously. Comments such as ‘Feeding!' will likely be hurled at you for your missteps, as though your teammates believe you're conspiring with your opponents.

A common expression in the League community is that "The best way to avoid abuse for being new is to not be new." Brush off the negative comments thrown at you as you navigate through the game and keep playing. The time-tested adage is especially true in League of Legends. Often, the best way to learn is when you fail.

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