The Invisible Identity Within

The Invisible Identity Within

Jul 2, 2016, 3:18:55 PM Life and Styles

Nobody is a saint in this world. Look around you. You may come across hundreds of people in a day. Each holds a story. Each of them holds an invisible identity. An identity which is known only to them. Desires, fantasies, love, hatred, vengeance, pleasure, dreams… it goes on. Each of us breeds in ourselves an invisible psycho, an unseeable ascetic, a talented scholar, a wild animal and a dreamer. Every single person we meet is a player in the game of our life.

In the 90’s all we had was teachings from teachers and parents. There were no external media to influence an individual’s mind. Indeed, there was a television, our teachers told that it’s an idiot box. “If you keep on watching the idiot box, you’ll become an idiot someday” this was the advice received from them. With the advent of easy access to technology and the web, things started turning ugly. The internet has become a stage to bring out our inner self, to enjoy our darkest desires, to become who we wanted to be. A wise person uses it for knowledge.

An eccentric person uses it to fulfill his desires. An ascetic uses it to spread positive vibes. If something worthy is done, the browser history is maintained. If not, a single button is provided to erase everything we’ve done on the World Wide Web, that’s “clear history”. This is the hard truth. No one knows what a person is up to. What they are reading, what they are working on, what are they planning on, what are their darkest desires.

The human brain does not have a “clear memory” button. This ceaseless exposure to fulfill our desires makes us crave for more. It drives us swiftly into it deeper and deeper. Matured people can control this obsession. Provided that maturity doesn’t come with age and it comes with the mind. It’s simply the ability to control our thoughts. At a very young age, the kids can slice through the internet and consume everything that’s displayed on a screen. The ugly portrayal of women and men in media makes permanent marks in immature people. Again and again due to this incessant exposure to crap, the mind starts breeding one’s own identity… The invisible identity.

We get immersed in thoughts. We forget about our surroundings. The human mind has the ability to imagine and hallucinate. A guy would imagine himself riding his favorite motorbike. A girl would imagine herself sitting in Cafe de Flore in Paris. This differs from each person and differs from time to time. Indeed, there are people who hallucinate things. The same person who thinks about his motorbike can turn his thoughts into a violent one. There’s no limit for imagination. Happiness, sadness, physical pleasure, terror, violence, and all other sorts of emotions can be rushing in a person’s mind. But, his/her external appearance will look calm and subtle. It’s easy to wear a smile.

As our imaginations increase, our desires grow.Slowly, we get desperate to experience our darkest desires or simply desires (it changes from one person to other). None can stop this desire. It’s this invisible identity that drives our day to day life. Few may be known to the people close to our hearts. Few may be unknown to anyone. When a person acts strange and different, he is literally not strange… His inner self is coming out. Everybody has a story. Everybody has a justification for whatever they do. There are simple but shocking justifications given by accused of murders/rape. A CEO or a great achiever can be seen as a hero by the youngsters. But, everyone has their ugly side.

Everybody is a lover.
Everybody is a hero.
Everybody is a villain.
Everybody is a fool.

Every single person on this earth has a story. A story untold.




Published by Mukil Ganesan

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