At only 10 years of age this girl has crossed the threshold of motherhood.

10 innocent years, rarely a teen, still having to blow out candles on her sweet sixteen, birthday cake.

Unfortunately according to the website random stories she’s not the only one:

  • Yelizaveta Gryshchenko (6 years old) raped by her grandfather, baby died during labour
  • Zulma Guadalupe Morales (8 years old), gave birth to a baby boy
  • Wanwisa Janmuk (9 years old) got married at tender age of 8 years to a 27 year old man, gave birth at 9 years of age to a baby boy,
  • Elana Chiritescu (10 years old), and her 13 year old partner became parents to a baby girl
  • Dafne (9 years old) was dating a 17 year old when she gave birth to her child
  • Monserrat Alvarado Gomez (10 years old), gave birth to her baby after being raped by her 47 year old neighbour.

At her age I was breezing through life playing hop scotch and hide and seek in the dusty streets of Soweto. Being a mother was hardly on my radar and rape rarely slipped my tongue. I was a child embracing and exploring life. However this young girl on the other hand has to juggle between growing up and changing diapers.

The bill of rights is fostered by people in power as a means of protecting the citizens of the country without alienating certain groups. It is unfair and unjust to have our children succumb to such heinous crimes, though it can be said such is the miscarriage of justice.

Yes, her parents are her legal custodians first and foremost, however this lapse in parental supervisory hardly justifies a man raping and infringing her sacred space.

A tougher stance in the form of laws and acts need to be implemented to aid in eradicating this perverted act. However how can that be, when individuals such as Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow a 13 year old are stoned to death for reporting her rape. If that’s not enough Sharia courts in Pakistan have punished thousands of raped women who dared accuse their attacker of the rape crime.

The sad part is that I am Aisha, you are Aisha and above all we are all Aisha. This barbaric act can happen to any one of us women and children.

Having said that it’s not only girls who fall victim to this act but young boys as well, in Kimberley a 13 year old boy was raped with a broomstick, in Arkansas Jesse Yates was kidnapped by two men bound, drugged, tortured and repeatedly raped the boy was only 13 years of age, in January a seven year old Pakistani boy was gang raped and murdered.

This sadistic act is appalling, how many children should bear the brunt before we can actually take a pragmatic stand in eradicating this disease instead of the usual placards and sit-ins. This form of activism unleashes such furore but that’s all they do, we bubble up in anger and as the hype suppresses all is forgotten.

This egregious act is downright reprehensible and leaves one every bit shattered and disenchanted. It propels victims towards a nihilistic trance that sees them dismantled psychologically and emotionally. I’ve heard atrocities of babies being raped but rarely thought of how many actually get impregnated. We have children mothering children all because of a man and a zipper. Who will protect them against such savagery when the men who should be protecting them are infringing their right to security and freedom by violating their innocence? It is heartening when children are denied the will and freedom to live. The audacity and right to penetrate and dismantle the vaginal wall of innocence is utterly disgusting and shameful.

These are our children, these fragile flowers pruned by our hands, trampled and tarnished for their priced jewels, they are, our children. Such ruthless and sickening act should be condemned. How do you; man, free your Willy for a child! Who gave you the right to carve such evil, to take away such innocence? How do you thrust and excrete semen on a child. Such perverted acts are totally barbaric and shameful.

Published by Murunwa Netshisaulu

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