Chirata : 8 Health Benefits of Chirata

Chirata : 8 Health Benefits of Chirata

We have written this blog so that we can discuss with you a golden herb of Ayurveda named – Swertia Chirata !

In this article Diseasescare will give you complete information on health benefits of chirata.

In Ayurveda, Swertia Chirata is considered one of the best medicine for the treatment of various fevers and other conditions.

Swertia Chirata is one of three nectar plants. Amrit means - in which the root of immortality.

For centuries, we have been trying to make our lives healthier with the resources laid down by nature, one of these herbs is also believed to be Swertia Chirata.

Swertia Chirata is not only used in Ayurvedic herbs, but it is also being used in today's medicines. It is commonly used to treat fever, enhance digestion, etc. Although the stem and leaves of Chirata are most useful, we can also use its root.

Chirata is a herb. People use it to make medicine. Chirata is used for fever, constipation, upset stomach, loss of appetite, intestinal worms, skin diseases and cancer. Some people use it as "a bitter tonic".

Chirata is a popular medicinal herb native to high altitude regions from the Himalayas to Bhutan. It has a bitter taste and each part of the plant has health benefits.

Now suppose its taste is bitter, but you must have heard the saying that all good things taste bitter, haven't you? So just a hint to the wise is enough. Did you understand? If not, then by reading our article completely and knowing, then you will understand.

Chirata is also known as Swertia Chirata or Swertia Chirata which is its scientific name, or Bitter Stick, or East Indian Balmony, or Caretta, among others. It is said that this flowering plant can grow to a height of three to four feet in the mountainous regions of India and Bhutan. In taste, it is quite bitter, and also slightly pungent.

So let us now discuss the benefits and uses of its use since ancient times, how it works to make our life healthy.

  • Boosts immunity -

First of all, if we talk about the benefits of using Chirata, its use helps in boosting immunity. Chirata performs important functions to keep our cells healthy and rid us of disease.

  • Helps to detox

Along with this, it is also considered suitable for purifying the blood, fighting bacteria, removing toxins, etc.

  • Fights serious illness

Chirata is also considered very beneficial for fighting dangerous diseases like dengue, swine flu, malaria and is used to give relief.

  • Improves digestion -

The benefits of Chirata include one more thing. It is also believed to improve digestion and solve bowel related problems. To eliminate constipation, we can mix Chirata powder with Amla and use it.

  • Get rid of diabetes

For those who have the problem of diabetes, we can eliminate this problem by using Chirata with home remedies. Chirata juice works wonders for reducing high blood sugar levels.

  • Adaptogenic properties -

Chirata has been used since ancient times as an adaptogenic herb. It proves to be very useful for reducing mental stress and anxiety, as it gets rid of toxins and enhances our memory.

  • Say bye-bye to common disease -

One of the benefits of Chirata is that it also helps in reducing problems like cough, cold and tonsils. Elders who have joint pain problems can get rid of their problem by boiling the powder of Chirata stem in milk and consuming it. Conditions such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing, etc. due to asthma are difficult to treat. Chewing the root of Chirata and drinking its juice can remove the problem of such patients.

  • Other benefits -

Apart from all these benefits, Chirata plants can be applied on the eyes to enhance the eyesight ability. If you want to reduce dark spots, pimples and wrinkles, then you can use Chirata as it has anti-aging properties which are considered beneficial for making the skin glowing.

What are the medicinal properties of Swertia Chirata ?

  • Fever -

In Ayurveda, fever is caused by two factors – ama (the body remains toxic due to improper digestion) and the other is due to some foreign particles. It is an anti-inflammatory, antipyretic herb that helps in boosting your immunity to fight infection and also helps in quick recovery. It reduces fever.

Chirata is a natural fever suppressing herb. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antipyretic, anti-oxidant and immunomodulatory properties. Some research conducted so far has found that chirata leaves may help combat some of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. Chirata has also been linked to reductions in stress and anxiety levels, which can be easily dealt with.

Chirata is a strong immunity booster, anti-toxic, antipyretic (which reduces fever), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. This classical medicine is the ultimate answer to all health anomalies.

  • Malaria -

Ayurveda considers Chirata to be one of the richest herbs. Known to balance Kapha in the body, it is helpful in controlling mucus production, has anti-viral properties and also stimulates the digestive system. If you are having trouble finding the Chirata leaf, you can also consume its tablet.

  • Constipation -

Chirata can help control constipation due to its strong laxative activity. It acts as a natural laxative and helps promote bowel movements and gives relief from constipation.

  • Worms in stomach

Chirata can reduce the risk of worm infestation due to its worm killing power. It suppresses the activity of the parasite and helps in its removal from the body.

  • Upset stomach

Certain components present in Chirata may help manage symptoms of an upset stomach such as acidity or flatulence. It helps in improving digestion and strengthens the stomach, thereby providing relief from an upset stomach.

  • loss of appetite -

Chirata can help manage appetite. It works as an appetite stimulant and helps in improving digestion.

  • Asthma -

Chirata, a very common Ayurvedic herb is used by practitioners for its various anti-inflammatory properties. What's amazing about it is that it has strong anti-asthma and expectorant properties, which are important in getting rid of congestion and pollutants.

  • Cold -

Chirata, a bitter-tasting plant leave, is known to be an antioxidant that promotes anti-inflammatory activity in the body. It is a useful herb used to fight a nasty cold, flu and other infections. It balances the body's Kapha and Pitta and helps to calm digestion, thereby getting rid of any toxins. It is also said that regular consumption of Chirata powder can help in detoxifying the body.

  • Metabolic disease -

Chirata helps in weight loss as it boosts the metabolism and helps in burning more calories. It is also beneficial in the management of diabetes by increasing insulin secretion and reducing oxidative stress in diabetic patients due to its high antioxidant activity.

Since Chirata lowers blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is recommended that diabetic patients should take antidiabetic medicines when they consume Chirata.


  • kidney diseases-

Chirata also plays a beneficial role in the kidneys as it helps prevent stone formation due to its diuretic properties. It protects the kidney from free radical damage due to certain active compounds. According to Ayurveda, taking Chirata water twice a day helps in managing fever due to fever.

  • skin problem-

Chirata is useful in the management of skin problems including acne. Chirata powder paste mixed with honey reduces redness and swelling and prevents infection due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Chirata powder with coconut oil helps in managing wound healing due to its ropan (healing) and pitta balancing properties in Ayurveda.

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