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Religion. A belief towards God that had been adopted since the early existence of mankind. As humans evolved, so does their attitude towards religion itself. History had seen war sparked from differences in beliefs. At the same time, we also saw technology and social advances due to them with the most notable one in history were the Golden Age of Knowledge and the Renaissance.

In a world of 7 billion population, it can be said that most people believe in something powerful beyond us, and this does not avoid some from taking advantage of this fact for their personal interest. Money and power had always cause men to find ways to manipulate their surroundings, especially people's beliefs, for their own good.


In a Muslim perspective, it's not hard to search for such things. In a global sight, we see extremists who use the name of Islam to justify their terror acts. This includes cherry-picking the verses in the Qur'an and Hadith, and brainwashing their followers about the battle between good and evil.

However, the most dangerous ones hid well deep in society, pouncing on humans' ignorance towards the relationship between religion and facts, and use religion as a tool to gain benefits although it had clearly been proven that such acts are against the value and ethics taught by the religion itself. In a country where various culture and beliefs exist, it is no wonder that religion would be a vital instrument that is manipulated by these people. The easiest example of 'religion riders' would be businesses that disguise themselves behind a pious image, selling products that contradict the nature of knowledge itself.


1. They'll negate facts using religion. 
Most of these 'riders' tend to use religious quotes to hide behind when it was clear that what they are doing is illogical. Just like extremists, they'll cherry-pick texts from holy books to make them sound more justified and easier to believe. In Islam, we were taught to pursue knowledge and learn from those who mastered it. This includes issues related to business, finance, and health. Islam had already opened some room for logical thinking for matters related to the worldly state of mankind. Hence, it is ironic that the one who was supposed to be pious ignore his own religion commands.

2. They are masters of deception
People who manipulate religion are mostly masterminds. To even think about using religion as a method of gaining quick profits would require detailed planning and marketing plan. So, to call them as 'idiots' is an understatement. The fact that many had been deceived by them shows that they are not ordinary thinkers. Hence, society needs to be informative and avoid themselves from falling into their traps disguised as paradise.

3. Rise of social media
Since the introduction of social medias such as Facebook and Twitter, many had utilised this new medium to expand their cause. Keyboard warriors and fake accounts started to grow like mushrooms and most of it became trends among society. This also meant that 'riders' now have a new way of interacting without blowing up their identity. False identities were created to spread their false ideology and ideas that contradict moral values of society itself. Due to this, it makes it harder for authority to detect them as one can easily deactivate and create a new account in a matter of a few seconds. Imagine a page that is full of religious quotes, posts, and hashtags, but sadly at the same time spread ideas in a way that is against the discipline of knowledge proposed by Islam itself.


In the meantime, we can never be assured on when would this trend ends. Just like a hydra, you cut off one head, two more would grow back. The only way to really lay rest this issue is to re-educate the public about self-awareness and the importance of getting advice from an appropriate authority. These 'religion riders' will never rest until they achieve their objective of luring people into their ways. Hence, it is up to us to make sure that we are equipped with both religious and worldly knowledge to be more ascertain in our decisions thus clearing the bad image of religion that was spoilt by these deviant followers. 

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