Destiny city

Destiny city

Oct 21, 2016, 9:35:17 PM Life and Styles

The first city  apart from motherland is always the most beautiful

The first country always has the most fascinating story.

So, my first city is Phnom Penh. I had many firsts there, the first time to get lost in a strange city, the first time to sleep on pavement with mosquitoes, the first time to meet a friend that I would never forget. And, that was how I lost my first.

The first country apart from motherland is always unforgettable. It still flies in mind, sometimes it recalls us into daily habits, sometimes it appears in heart as a friendly encouragement in nightdreams. To be honest, I just visited Phnom Penh of Cambodia, I have not understood deeply this neighbor man.

I do not love Phnom Penh, but it is really impressive. I do not love Phnom Penh like the way I loved a highland town with green tea lines neatly planted. I do not love Phnom Penh like the way I loved an ancient town for dreamers with varied architecture beside a river. I do not love Phnom Penh like the way I loved a city with crazy traffic and some areas not intended for the under-18. Phnom Penh is different from those, not too bustling, not too tedious either. I still remember my first feelings I was there. I was very excited because it was my first time to be outside Vietnam, I was also lightly disappointed as everything around me was not like what I had thought, as the roads were not too clear, as the weather was not too cool… I did not refuse to walk some couples of kilometers only to remember the face of this city. I did smile satisfactorily on the way home because of interesting talks at the destiny hostel. I did not hide my excitement about religious constructions, about the numbered streets, and about the alleys with no directions. I was also very nervous because I was scared that my trip would not be perfect and that at the end of that day, nothing impressive happened.

Then, while talking with a boystaff, I heard something like “hello hello hello” from 3 girls right beside me. Things began to happen.

- Hello! Hello!

- Hi, I’m Mylu. What’s your name?...

That talk lasted a couple of hours then. We kept taking and talking about everything on earth and promised to make a union someday in July. And now, I hope to come across those friends again anywhere on earth.

The second time, the third time to be there are all impressive. My second time I was there is a romantic rainy day when I walked under the rain through familiar streets and local market. It is the time I realized this city was not that bad, not that adorable. My third one is when the city was still sleeping. Some homeless people prepared for the late sleep, some people on the same night bus with me prepared to go home after a tough night. The boy sitting next to me on the bus said goodbye to me by his friendly smile, silent conversations kept going on. Then, when I was too exhausted to be awake, I slept on the bench while waiting for the sunrise to catch the early bus. It is really impressive because it was super tough.

Whenever I say “Maybe I’ll meet my destiny there”, that means no destiny at all. It seems like a paradox. But, right there, a special friend is destiny, that hostel is destiny, that trip is destiny, maybe every single thing of this city is destiny because it is all accidental. 

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