Hanoi - The first beautiful days

Hanoi - The first beautiful days

Nov 8, 2016, 1:01:32 PM City

Hanoi is getting cold, the first winds passed by my face on a roof of a lovely apartment beside West lake. I chose to go there in this time instead of breaking my back with final thesis. I postponed. I postponed my graduate part because I did not hurry. I postponed my work because I felt it enough for me, I stopped. I was tired of my roommate, I went away. And, I got bored with Saigon temporarily, I stepped to Hanoi.

While my classmates were getting mad with graduating, I was sitting on the train in an empty boxcar, sometimes lying. Closing eyes then opening, Hanoi would appear nicely. It was still dark when Hanoi appeared in front of me. I was almost broken down when I did not know where to go or where I should go. I received a message from my old friend that she had already left Hanoi. I started lying in the station and kept whispering “It’ll be finally wonderful”, I was there and lightly wonderful. It was really finally wonderful. My French friend was here and took me home, she saved me. I swear that after this trip. I will not stop telling all of it to my friends, days hanging myself in capital land. Guess who is going to be famous.

A year ago, I came here and a year after that I stayed here. I begin to like my capital though people keep pouring prejudice into my head. Right here, I do not want these days to end. People here get me, especially the girl I just mention above. She took me to conference, let me know her friends, asked me to swim in the lake (this part is crazy), did many highfives, and drove me anywhere. Everyday getting home is kind of peace.

- Do you want to see the roof?

- Sure. I’d love to!

Then, that roof becomes a legend. I climb up there everyday, see sunrise and sunset, sing loudly without being heard by anyone. And, this part is important, my host knows where I am as she gets home and does not see me anywhere. I swear I am having a magical life.

I do not need to be in Bali to live in heaven, I am living in heaven right here. Waking up early, sitting beside the sunshine, walking, cycling and going home writing. I do not realize I am living healthily, healthier than ever before. I am not a hopeless person anymore, instead, I am living wonderfully like one person hope me to.

Hanoi, the day milk flowers begin to sprinkle their scent.

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