I am rich

I am richer than anybody who thinks they are richer than me. It is richness of faith. I believe people though sometimes they cheat. I have my own religion, I'm following it. Religion is somehow faith, it is  better to have something to believe in. 

I am rich of time, I am the kind of person who does not want a day with more than 24 hours. That does not mean I am wasting time. How about enjoying time? Believe me, I am. 

I am rich of freedom. I can sit all day in front of my laptop writing and designing without earning. Badass, ain't I? I don't say I do not need money, I need it for food, for house rental, for traveling, but not for next generation. 

I am rich of imperfection. I am not chasing perfect. I do not choose stable life over happy one. I still do not understand why many people choose career over anything else including their relationships or hobbies. My life is not a career race, not any race. I hate racing and being raced. 

I am that rich. I accept any judgements. So?

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