Light steps to the globe

Light steps to the globe

Oct 8, 2016, 7:29:17 PM Life and Styles

Ocean is vast but we always find its shore

Forest is immense but it always has stop point where its junction meets a town.

The globe is super big but it’s not endless. Knowing about this endlessness is a favor.

I want to put every single step to the world in order to know how big it is, to know if it is interesting or tedious and to know if there is any bad in this arty globe.

In my childhood, I always had my eyes stuck to the old television with programs like “Railway diary”, “Following Uncle Ho journey”, “Mekong diary” or even “Global young people”, I had my hands hold my remote tight enough not to let my mom get it to change the channel. I really focus on every name, every city, every magnificent scene, every breathtaking landscape though I totally knew I would forget after all. See, this very dream was formed very long time ago.

I think many people want my life and live it but they are scared. Maybe they’re scared of giving up their stable life or giving up their prejudice. I saw a student like me had been working like a buffalo for years then put it all for buying a motorbike just to go to work more. And I, if I get the same money, I will travel one round South East Asia and go back and buy a bike. I like that and I go for that, no rules work on me. I do not mean I decry whoever is different from me, I just feel sorry for anyone who is not able to give up the hates, the things make them bored to live their have-to-be life. Guess what, they let it go instead.

When I turn 30, I will still be young, I still can study, I still can learn from wild, I still can work. There are many choices for me instead of getting married, having babies, raising them and waiting for them to care for me back. Come one, I don’t want to make the population go up, ever. I always think people who live far away from their own land all have beautiful stories, sometimes splendid. I also want to be that person, I want myself to be colorful. So, being a part of this community is not a bad idea.

I love ancient towns with slow flowing life, I love breathtaking waterfalls with strong water lines falling down, I love small towns where people love to smile with each other, I love isolated islands with only silence… So what? So try hard to get there. I can learn a lot of things on the way, I like to learn I am not good at studying.

In my childhood, the far-away America, the splendid Europe, the large China was my dream. Night dreams about being on train through China, getting lost in France, cycling around South East Asia are really haunting. They are awful because they have made me gloat. So what? So try hard to make them real. Anything else to choose?

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