Thailand - Stories on my road

Thailand - Stories on my road

Sep 18, 2016, 7:53:45 PM Life and Styles

All I have before a trip is my innocent heart, all I have after is my story.

All I have before a trip is my awesomeness, all I have after is my awesome friends. 

I used to tell everybody that I don't like a big city because many crowds of it make me feel sick. But now, it is not a problem if a destination is a big city or not, I can not say I do not like a city until I reach it. 

While I was on this travel, my classmates were quite busy with final thesis and internship. I do not need to hurry, I do not want to enjoy office life early though many people say I should. My study is difficult, but difficult to fail. Everyday I kept asking myself and my friends as well that what to do next or where to go next. I did not know when to go back, I did not know what I was gonna do when going back. Studying? No, I do not need to go to school this semester, I postponed all until December. Looking for a new part time? No, I stopped working as a buffalo as before. That is why I did not want to go back soon. I wanted to stay for longer in Bangkok to hear stories from my friends, to tell them stories from my country, or just to laugh with them everyday.

Windows always appeared in a right time as a good friend of mine, window of the bus where I sat next to and had a silent conversation with a Cambodian boy, window of the train where I put my head nearby and had a 10-hour sleep, window of the house I stayed in Bangkok where I sat next to for hours and saw a heavy romantic rain in the last day. People behind the windows made life lively. In this very country, I have a memorable time with the most humorous host who calls himself hero and always calls me in a rhythm of a song Mi Mi Mi. In this very country, I met an inspired boy who have been traveling the world in a young age. In this very country, I know the world is really cute that I meet one person in 3 different countries who is the only one to say my name exactly. She is now having a wonderful time relaxing in Sri Lanka. In this very country, I met an amazing man who supported me a lot with my writing. 

Traveling on Internet and traveling in real is totally different. I can not have a story to tell when traveling on Internet, I can not have my own photos when traveling on Internet and the most important part is that I can not make new friends when traveling on Internet. Then I begin to do it in real.

Now I need a land that is not Vietnam to stay long and think deeply about my fututre, which is still vague until now. From recent nightdream, I have seen that I do patin in Europe, that I continue to study in somewhere I do not know. That sounds great, anyway I have time to make decision. I am sure that I will finally love my life because I am awesome, that I do not need to be sad because sadness will be old, that I have to be optimistic because I have many tomorrows to plan and make the plan happen. 

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