Vietnamese people wouldn't like me

Vietnamese people wouldn't like me

Dec 21, 2016, 2:27:48 AM Opinion

WHY? I have some persuasive reasons.

I have no boyfriend. I have no worries of not having a boyfriend. I have no cares about boyfriend. No feeling no boyfriend, no boyfriend no problem. Granted that when I have feelings for a boy, I will withdraw soon as feelings are just feelings, not turning to something else. Actually I have many friends whose gender is male, but they are all busy being my bros. Yes, I just show no care of having a boyfriend now and no sign of getting married someday, people shake their head.

Here, anyone gets a tattoo is totally infamous. Previous generations one-hundred-percent disagree with somebody being painted permanently on his body. Oh no, in this country it is unfair to me. I have tattoos. I do not only have one, I have more than that, and will have more. People will not like me because I am one-hundred-percent violent.

Here, I am not beautiful. I have a dark skin though I had a light white one before I decided to change mine. I am thought to be poor who have been working hard to be burnt by the Sun. In the West people seem to like dark girl. Hell yeah, I am qualified.

Here, everybody hopes me to be able to cook while I can not. Whenever I join any chance of big family reunion, I am always asked to work in the kitchen. Please, living room should be my place, or somewhere outside. So, I do not follow traditional rules, I deserve to be cursed.

Here, a husband with his family expects his wife to have pure purity. I do not seem to do. So what? I am like a bad girl.

To be weird, I can see many countryside girls have been eternally need to get married and scared of not being liked by any guys. The fact that they even accept any guy who is the last option the year they turn old enough is a lot of crap. I am like an alien in this country, I should be kicked out.

A perfect girl in people’s eyes is good at sewing and obey family of her husband. So yeah I am no way being that girl. I play soccer and I am ready to spend the whole night watching my favorite team play. I can even can watch in the café at midnight with many guys around. I talked about soccer with my man for hours, I watched soccer day by day through World Cup with my father when I was 3. Okay, I do more than that, I play billiards, I ride motorbike with high speed that you do not want to imagine.

Hello beautiful people, I am glad not to be liked.

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