How to purrfect photos of your pets while travelling

How to purrfect photos of your pets while travelling

Jan 17, 2020, 9:17:15 PM Creative

Pets are a part of the family, whether it be dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, or whichever animal you like. Just like you capture the favorite moments with the different members of your family and loved ones, you tend to do it with your pets as well. However, it is not an easy task always as they tend to be distracted easily and move away from the site of shoot. A candid shot works the best, but other considerations like the lighting and the shutter play an important role here. Despite all the difficulties, if you are adamant about capturing the purrfect pictures of your pets while traveling outdoor, here are a few tips that you should consider.


Choose your equipment wisely

The equipment that you choose to capture your pet is important as the setting of the picture is largely guided by it. One common inclusion that almost everyone has is a tripod for the camera. This is mainly for stabilization as the chances of your pet moving is always looming. An additional image stabilizer with external flash is another added equipment that can prove to be helpful in this scenario.


Depth of Field and shutter speed

Improved depth of field is an excellent photography tip in general, and it can be used judiciously during pet photography. This will ensure that your pets become the centre of the focus, and their most endearing parts like the big, bright eyes or their cute nose will come to the forefront. This bokeh mode of photography is a favourite among most people. The shutter speed is another important consideration. Since you have to capture your pet in the spur of the moment, the shutter speed should be high.


Consider the lighting

The lighting is another aspect that you should keep in mind while capturing your pet. A lot will depend on the fur color of the animal, as well. Some animals regulate their pupils according to the intensity of light. If you are planning to keep the eyes in focus, lighting has to be given a lot of priority. Your image should be adequately bright overall so that the details become visible. It is not something that you need to worry about when you are doing the photography outdoors, but it's significance increases considerably inside a house.


Getting their attention

Most of the pets are pretty quirky, and it is very difficult to hold their attention for a photoshoot. Therefore, you should develop some tactics to do so and be quick and nimble in your photography skills. Sometimes, tapping on the top of the lens can make them look at the camera. Waving their favourite toy in front of them is another strategy that generally works. Remember that they will look at you only for a few seconds. Make sure you finish your work by then.


Use relaxed moments to capture the details

If your pet is agitated or anxious for some reason, it is probably not the right time to go ahead with the photoshoot of your pet. The setting should be as relaxed as possible. One plausible method of doing so is by keeping things around that your pet is comfortable with, like their favourite blanket, pillow, or toy. You can capture the details better through this method.


Catch them climbing

This is applicable in the truest sense when you are capturing a cat. Cats love climbing, whether it be the windows, shelves, or anything that can be scaled. Next time before you scold your cat for climbing up your bookshelf and messing everything up, grab your camera and capture the moment, especially when they are in awkward positions during the stage of climbing.


Use a window as the backdrop

In photography, there is something called a rule of thirds. You should divide your whole portrait into three halves and base your picture on that. It is not always necessary to have your pet at the centre. You can keep them to the side as well to draw attention to them. The best possible backdrop in the scenario is that of a window. Firstly, you will have no problems with lighting. Secondly, you can capture your pet in a natural pose as they love sitting by the window and staring out at the world.  Thus, always keep this tip in mind.


Try using a mirror

When you have a pet at home, you must have noticed that they get fascinated by mirrors and their images staring back at them. Their reactions to it are mainly astonishment and curiosity. These emotions are difficult to capture otherwise and look amazing in a picture. Use a mirror for the photoshoot of your pet and capture them, looking at it for the best result.


Keep these tips in mind while shooting the purrfect picture of your pets while travelling, and you will have some memories to cherish forever.

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