3 Steps for the Perfect Natural Brows

3 Steps for the Perfect Natural Brows

Hello Green Beauties

Back on the blog to ramble about a new topic...eyebrows

Raise your hand if you like big full eyebrows...I definitely love having full well-defined brows to complete my makeup. Since the Cara Delavigne brow bandwagon trend has become a thing I've built up a real brow routine.

Disclaimer: apart from sporadic plucks in order to maintain some sort of a shape, before 2015 brows were absolutely neglected in any makeup routine...Yes, who would've thought at that time that brows would have become a huge trend?

In these years, I've tried and tested different products and slowly settle specific steps of makeup and maintenance of my brows. If you want to find out what are the products that I use religiously to take care and enhance my browns jus keep on reading.

Boost the growth with Castor Oil

Castor Oil is the best ally to take care of my brows, this oil is the best natural product to for thickening and regrowing lashes. If you have thinned-out brow caused to wild plucking this oil can be the solution. Personally, Castor oil helped me so much to rebuild the tails of my brows that were thinner than the rest. The treatment is so simple to apply, all it takes it's one drop of castor oil. Before going to bed at night I like to rub a few drops of Castor oil each eyebrow, results came in a couple of weeks and prepare yourself lustrous and thick eyebrow.

P.s. I like to massage the residues of oil on my fingers on my eyelashes to have the same benefits on my lashes.

Drow the shape with a non-toxic pencil

Personally, there is a step I can not skip and this is shaping my brow with a pencil. I've tried a lot of brow product such as eyeshadows and pomades but, pencils are definitely what I like most for sculpting and filling in my brows. Recently I forced myself to avoid drugstore eyebrow pencils to opt for non-toxic ones. My pencil of choice is Alverde or Benecos because they can offer excellent products and great quality for a little price.

Tame the hair with a clear gel

The last touch to finish my brow routine is a swipe of clear gel to set all the pencil work in place. Again, Alverde is my favourite brand on the market and their clear gel (it comes also in different colours from blond to dark) is 100 % natural and has a dry formula, which I tend to like best instead of more waxy gels. One swipe and my brow routine are done.

What are your favourite brow products, let me know!


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