5 winter skin savers

Brrr, winter is definitely here! Now that the thermometer start to reach the lowest points I feel my skin  is getting dry and thirsty. In winter my skin needs a little extra care and love to keep it protected and hydrated.

In my journey in green beauty I found out some tips to maintain my skin at best in winter months.

Since this  issue may concern a lot of green gals and guys out there I decided to share with you 5 tips that I constantly do in winter to keep my skin nice and hydrated.

5 winter skin saver
  1. face mask every time your skin fells dry, flaky and tight. Face mask are a must in winter they can deeply nourish your epidermis after a day passed in cold temperatures. In this case we want to obtain a  hydrating face mask non a purifying one, so there is no need to add clays or, if you prefer have clays in your face mask concoction, remember to decrease the amount and add other hydrating ingredients to balance the drying effects. The star ingredient in winter hydrating face masks is full fat yogurt (the creamy-fatty components will act as skin moisturizer wile lactic acid will gently exfoliate your skin) and I like to add honey, aloe vera, and my favourite oils to boost the hydration.
  2. layer your skin care (what is layering?, read here) starting from thinner consistency products like serums, hydrating gels to more thick creams. I like to layer at least 3 type of products to ensure all day hydration to my skin, plus the thinner more watery lotion helps those more heavy to be absorbed by the skin.
  3. treat your skin with oil. Natura/organic vegetable oils (or butters) are a real holly grail for dry dehydrated skin. Massage 3-4 drop oil on wet skin and let them be absorbed and the apply your usual skin care layering treatments.
  4. Remember to take of all your makeup at nightoils and butter are the best markup removers and the keep skin hydrated (hey, make your own makeup balm! recipe here here and here)
  5. top up your skin care with a glycerine cream. Glycerine it's a natural humectant (a.k.a super hydrating product) and a natural primer that protects skin from external aggression. Plus it's the best base for make up.

How your skin is going thi winter?


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