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Hello, green beauties! Back again on the blog for rambling about hair care! As you might have noticed I'm very picky about hair care products no silicone, mineral oils, harsh preservatives and other nasties are allowed in my bathroom. In 2016 I discovered Ayurvedic Herbs which they have quickly become my all time favourite ingredients for hair treatments.

Ayurvedic Herbs may be used both as a hair pick me up and "fast growth" (I have written a specific post on that subject, find it here) and this remains my trusty beloved method to boost my hair and scalp when I have bad hair day. As I've become an Ayurvedic herb junkie I tried to figure out how to incorporate that miracle herb in my routine as much as I can. The most effective method to employ Herbs is in a pre-poo mask, that implies adding to Ayurvedic powders some water and other moisturising ingredients and then slather the paste on the hair and scalp. This is the most beneficial treatment, the only downside it that it takes a lot of time to prepare the concoction let it work on your hair and scalp  (though it worths the effort), so in the last weeks I tested out a sort of alternative: a DIY shampoo with additional herbs in order to give myself a little shot of Ayurvedic treatment every time I wash my hair.


What you need

This is a super simple recipe you Just need two things: tour favourite shampoo and some teaspoons of your favourite Ayurvedic Herbs. My beloved mix is Amla + Shikkakai + Reetha. Amla is rich in vitamin C and it has an amazing revitalising power on my hair and every time I use I get a lot (A LOT!!) of shine, Shikkakai has smoothing and conditioning proprieties on my locks and Reetha gives those extra purifying benefits that improve an average shampoo.

How to...

Add 1/2 cup of hot water to your Ayurvedic powders. Let brew so the herbs can release all their amazing benefits. Let it cool and then you may want to drain the liquid or maybe not (personally, I like to maintain the herbal particles, they can give you an extra bonus like a mild scalp scrub). Pour some shampoo in your Ayurvedic tea concoction and you are done.

This is the only shampoo I'm using so far and I'm so content with the results that I hardly what to change this routine. Plus this is an amazing tip transform a mediocre shampoo to an excellent one!

Have you ever tried Ayurvedic Herbs on your shampoo?


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