Clay Powder Facial Cleanser

Hello Green Beauties, I'm back with a new post to talk about one of my favourite topics: natural skincare!

If you suffer from dry/sensitive skin like me store-bought cleansers are not necessary the best choice for your skin. Harsh chemical ingredient, perfumes, alcohol, and preservatives can irritate, dry out delicate skin or, even worst, cause reactions.

In my PM routine, after a good old oil cleansing, I like to remove the bulk of the gunk with a natural soap, Dr Bronner's range is my favourite, after that, I like to go for a double cleanse with something more delicate yet effective to get rid of all the residues.

You know I love clays! I deeply appreciate the detoxing and pore unclogging properties of clays and I've always tried to include them in my routine as last step cleansers. I still love my Rhassoul liquid cleanser ( see recipe here) but when I'm in a hurry I find more practical to go for a more simple version. So, here you have a (DIY) Clay Powder Facial Cleanser.

I find cleansers in powder formula very smart and easy to use since it combines the cleansing part with a gentle scrub that brightens up my carnation. Plus you can benefit from the beautifying effect of the minerals contained in clays

Here my recipe
  • 1 tsp of Green clayIMG_20170425_183848
  • 2 tsp of Rhassoul clay
  • 1 tbs of Kaolin clay
  • 1 tbs of Black Charcoal powder

It's super easy to use just take 2-3 pinches of clay powder facial cleanser and mix in your palm with some water to obtain a nice paste/cream, then massage the cleanser on the skin and gently rice off the residues. Bright and clean skin in ensured after this step!



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