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Hello my Green beauties, hope you are well! back on the blog for sharing my latest DIY that has become one of my favourites make-up products of the season: highlighter drops, totally homemade and organic!!

I'm using this liquid highlighter for about a week and I'm loving it! It gives the most beautiful dewy-fresh skin with just a subtle soft natural glow (see picture below). Plus highlighter drops are super moisturizing and much more natural than powder highlighter that dries out my cheeks.IMG_20170413_212031-01

I took this recipe from the beautiful French naturalista Alice Esmeralda (if you speak a little french click here for her video) who is such an inspiration for green lifestyle!

The recipe is super simple in requires just two ingredients: vegetable oil and your favourite pigment/mica or eyeshadow that provides the glowy effect.

Measurements are totally up to you according to the desired intensity of the glow.

I went for a mix of Caprylic Capric Triglycerides and Jojoba (10 ml of each oil) for lightweight consistency and then I added some tbs of light beige mica and scraped off with a spatula most of my duo chrome eyeshadow (100% organic, of corse).

I mixed all the elements in a bowl and then, with the help of a syringe, I've transferred my mixture in a  glass bottle with a dropper pipette.

The result is the most amazing highlighter ever!



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