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I don't know you, but for me, mascara is a product that I cannot live without. Let's pair it with a good squeeze of my eyelash curler and, there you go, I got lashes again and my eyes are no more (that much) sunk and small.

I'm not gifted with long thick eyelashes, on the contrary, they are short, straight and, cherry on top, blond. In short, semi-invisible.

I want to share with you one of my favourites concoction that recently has significantly improved the quality of my eyelashes helping to achieve more thickness and length. Obviously, I'm not talking about miracles, just getting the best from what Mother Nature has granted.

Constancy and perseverance are fundamental, this serum has to be applied every night to allow eyelashes to growth strong, so I keep my serum on my night table as a beauty ritual before falling asleep.

For this DIY you need just three ingredients: Castor Oil, Argan Oil and Vitamin E Oil.

My proportions are:

  • 70% Castor Oilimg_20170327_175005-01.jpeg
  • 20% Argan Oil
  • 10% Vitamin E

Castor Oil is the star ingredient here for is nourishing proprieties and its richness in vitamins and minerals. It is a real miracle worker for growing back hairs, eyelashes and brows. I like to add some Argan Oil for ensuring to my serum an extra boost of vitamins, plus this is a super moisturising oil rich in antioxidants this will help the skin in your eye area to stay young and wrinkle free. Since a little goes a long way, to ensure long shelf life I like to add some capsules of Vitamin E wich are also good to empower this concoction.

P.S. Did I mention that this DIY is also a wonderful treatment for growing your eyebrows?!


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