How (naturally) save your hair from heat damamge

How (naturally) save your hair from heat damamge

Around Christmas parties and social events multiply and obviously we like to have nice stylish hair, right?! This last weeks I indulged more than usual in curling may hair just because every girl in this world wants to look like a Victoria's Secret model for one night, or at list try to get close.  I'm perfectly aware that I stressed out my hair a little too much so I planned a heavy-duty hair routine to restore my locks from heat damage..and why not share these tips with you in my blog?!

Here's some rules I followed to reduce heat damage

1-Deep moisturize your locks before using curling wand or flat-iron, use your best conditioner or mask.

2- Use some heat protectorPersonally I like to spry leave in conditioner also straight after  curling my locks to immediately sooth heat damageI use two product: the Anti-Frizz Hair Shine Spry and the Volumizing Spry both from Maternatura an organic italian brand. the Anti-frizz spry covers the hydrating needs that a stressed hair.

3- Keep your hair moisturized day after day. I like to massage my strands with a couple of drops of oil before going to bed to ensure extra moisture and prevent breakage due to dishydration and damage. Since I use a modest quantity they are absorbed overnight and there's no risk of greasy hairMy favourite oils in this case are Brocoli oil (has  marvellous anti-frizz proprieties ) and Pracaxi (light weight but effective).



4- Oiling. Oils are my thing  has you might have noticed!! a couple of hours before washing my hair I like to have a good oil mask to deeply moisturize my hair. My favourite oils of the moments are Vatika oil (coconut oil + ayurvedic herbs) Virgin Coconut oil or Amla oil. I like to massage these oil especially on the final part of my hair were the curling wand may have left some damage.

5- Use delicate shampoosAvoid SLES or SLS and use delicate shampoo to preserve natural hair's oils (which are essential to prevent hair damage or breakage).

img_20161228_161107.jpg In case you were wondering... the weird chunks in this photo are a selection of my (well used) sulfate free shampoo bars.

What are your tips to maintain healthy shiny hair during Christmas??




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