No waste recyclable makeup pads

How many cotton pads do I use to get rid of all the bulk of makeup each day? This is the question that I made to myself a couple of year ago, when i realised how many waste my nighttime routine was producing. At that time I was a reckless cotton pad abuser, getting rid of my makeup was a matter of 4 cotton pads per day

Then, multiply this  for  weeks/months/years... I was responsible for A LOT of junk made of my  irreproachable attitude to good skin care.

First step to a greener lifestyle was to cut off my skin care routine wipes and pads using my hands instead. This method is ok, you can treat yourself with a nice face massage and it works perfectly with oils and cleansing balms (in case you where looking for some cleansing balm recipe have a look here here and here), but I still needed some sort of sponge or cloth to wipe away the residues.

I tried with microfiber washcloth (at that time they were not so popular as they are now) but they were sooo ridiculously expensive and most of them just available on-line. So I gave up with them using instead the microfiber cloth that are supposed to use for house cleaning.

Don't be reluctant on using them on your face, they are brilliant, durable, cheep, they do their job amazingly but most of the time they are so huge, well of course, they are not made for makeup removing purpose!

The quest for a nice recyclable washing cloth pads land me to grab my scissors and...cut!

Here's my DIY planet friendly recyclable washing pads

Take a new microfiber cloth and cut in the shape you feel it is appropriate for your skin care routine. I went for round (cotton-pad like) shape, so I can use them also for apply toner

Then, sew two of them together doing small stitches on the margin. Here we go! you have in your hands the perfect dupe of makeup removing cloth that big brands want you to buy !

These microfiber pads are, of course, reusable, just remind to wash them with a bit of soap each time they are dirty. They are fab, they grab every trace of dirt and make my skin care so easy and effective.

P.s I'm such a dummy in sewing, so please don't judge me.

How many cotton pads do you  use for your daily skin care? would you consider switch on reusable for the sake of your planet?!



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