Summer favourites: skin care/body care and makeup

Summer favourites: skin care/body care and makeup

Hey Green Beauties! Quick post update about my recent most-loved/ most-used products in the last 1-2 months. As you can see I'm not very regular in doing this kind of "favourites" posts but, on the other hand, I feel motivated to write about my most used items only when I'm 100% convinced and not just for blogging purposes.

Haircare & Bodycare

I have some products that I have used constantly during these firsts summer months. starting from haircare/bodycare I recently co-washed my hair very often to prevent my locks from getting dry and brittle. Yes, summer is striking hard on my hair. Spled'Or Conditioner is the cheapest ( just 1 euro) and super effective product that has become my favourite conditioner for this purpose, so it worthed the mention on my blog. Deodorant wise, I get back to my belove crystal deodorant paired with some tea tree and lavender essential oil blend to prevent any bad smelling armpits, and, as always, it worked super well. Another old summer favourite is Florida Water Cologne, this is a real old classic (even Scarlett O'Hara use to mist herself with this cologne) and a nice ritual in the summer night. After my shower I like to spray this cologne all over my body, I LOVE the fresh, slightly spicy smell!

Skin care


IMG_20170723_140702-01 A new discovery of the month is the Dr Bronner's Shikakai Castile Soap (Lavander scent) that has been my second cleanser of choice in my skincare routine this month. As usual, this brand does amazing products and the pump makes this cleanser way easier to use. My DIY essence (recipe here) is still my favourite essence/toner to deeply hydrate my skin after a good cleanse, it's is also amazing as a makeup "fix plus", I like to pray on to my face to refresh my base during the day.  Last but not least, baking soda! I'm a huge baking soda consumer I like to use it when I do the house cleaning  (it works miracle to remove stains and dirt), as an additive to the laundry, as teeth whitening (post coming soon about that) and I recently started to use as a gentle face scrub. Works amazing!

Makeup & Beauty

IMG_20170723_135909 Even if I like to alternate various products of my makeup collection, this month I have been religiously faithful these products. First of all, with the temperature getting higher my base needed a good mattifying powder and I found in the Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder by Kiko a good (mineral oil free) ally. Secondly, a quick visit to Muller has led to an impulsive buy which I don't regret at all, I've brought home with me this nice duo-bronzer by an organic brand called Terra Natura that is just the perfect product to enhance my summer halo! Last, but not least this month I used constantly these three eyeshadows from Alkemilla Cosmetics for a soft bronzy look ( went for a mix of the shimmery bronze and the biscuit shade with a touch of the dark brown on the crease). Perfect match for summer bronze goddess look!



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