The best in skin care and beauty of 2016 (products and DIY) Part 1

The best in skin care and beauty of 2016 (products and DIY) Part 1

Hello green beauties! Here's some of the best products I tried or created during 2016 that I will definitely keep using in the 2017. Obviously, I made a significant selection so here you will have the crèam de la crèam of what I liked most.

During 2016 I suffered from hormonal acne  so I was forced to switch my skin care to a more acne fighting products.

literally, I could not live without my Black cumin seed oil (a.k.a Nigelle oil), this oil has anti-fungal anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anti bacterial proprieties which makes this oil ideal for keeping my skin moisturized and blemish-free. An other product I relied upon was sulfur soap this is an old school product to fight acne and balance oils on your skin plus it has anti bacterial and anti septic proprieties. Last on this categories it my well-loved snail cream moisturizer, it has 10% of snail slime in it when I use this cream at night I can see a real change in the mornings. What  I love about this cream is that it is lightweight yet very moisturizing. Snail slime has amazing anti inflammatory benefits and works magic on my skin when it is dry and prone to breakouts. Did I mention that I 'am on my third pot of this product?! Love it!


Let's take  a moment to mention my Holy Grail face cleanser, I loved since the very moment I start using it, it's my DIY Honey-Mud Cleanser (here the recipe). It is a dream, mild on the skin yet soo effecting thanks to the cleansing proprieties of honey and rhassoul. I will soon elaborate a new concoction for sensitive skin, so stay tuned.


One of my life saver all over beloved of 2016 is coconut oil. This is a multi purpose oil that I like to use from heat to toe. I love the amazing moisturizing proprieties of coconut oil and I like to use as body moisturizier as well as face oil for an intense anti dryness regime (coconut oil locks in moisture and prevent skin dis-hydration).

Coconut oil is a fabulous product to use on your hair and roots for strong healthy hair. I like to apply some oil on my ends and let it sit for at least one hour, if you are constant with this coconut hair masks you will banish forever split ends and dry brittle hair.


Quick mention to my deodorants, I love the combination of natural Allum Crystal rock (plus 1 drop of tea tree oil) and my backing soda DIY deodorant (not in this photo because I'm actually running out of it, in  case you missed this post click here). This is my sweet proof combination that has made me go through the warmer month without a single body odour concern.


Since we mentioned essential oils let's dig in tho the subject, shall we?! these are my favourite oil that have made a huge difference in acne fighting: one drop of Tea tree or Lemon essential oil in to a pump of Black cumin seed oil have changed my life face from spotty and angry to clear and peaceful skin


And the list goes in a few day you will have a seocnd post regading hair care and beauty best of 2016, stay tuned...



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