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Hello Green Beauties, back n the blog to talk about my natural skin-care routine! I thought it could be nice to update you about some new products that have permanently become part of my skin regime. Plus my skin is currently in very good conditions, so I guess that some new bits that I throw in my routine have brought good results.

As you know organic&natural products are my first priority when it comes to skin care., I cannot bear anymore to put on my face chemicals, mineral oils, parabens and others nasty ingredients so the main focus of my skin care is to feed my epidermis with good ingredients and, since I'm in my thirties and my skin is dry, I have to pay a little more attention to hydration and age prevention.

My fist priority when I get home is to get rid of makeup to let my skin breath.Oil cleansing is my favourite method, it does miracles to melt down eyeliner and mascara, so when I use oils as makeup remover there are no residues. At the moment I'm using grape seed oil wich is full of antioxidants and quite a light texture so there are no greasy residues left.IMG_20170509_210534

Time for face wash, I double cleanse my face once with Dr Bronner's or 100% organic soap bar, I'm currently using the black charcoal one from Funky Soap (love this brand!). After flashing the soap away with warm water I go back with some

After flashing the soap away with warm water I go back with some clay cleansing powder (DIY recipe here) as my second step on cleansing, this is super gentle even for a dry skin like mine. After patting my skin dry with a cotton cloth I spray some rose-water toner to rebalance the pH of my skin

Time for essence, my DIY aloe vera hydrating essence (recipe here) is the bomb to restore hydration, I followed this step with a 2% retinol serum. This is a new entry in my routine and a sort of upgrade towards anti ageing prevention, I'm still testing this product so I cannot tell if is working on my skin as it should, though I can tell that my epidermis is much smoother and bright, but let's wait for long-term results, shall we ?!IMG_20170509_211754

When my first serum is absorbed it's time for a serious moisturising strategy: I like to empower my moisturizing serum with 3-4 drops of Marula oil. This combo is the bomb, the result is a light weight still super effective moisturising potion.

Let's not forget the eye area! Hyaluronic acid serum such a beneficial ingredient to smooth lines around eye area and a rich balm (as my homemade eye cream, recipe here)IMG_20170509_211705

Then is time for face cream, I still love the one has snail gel in it and a little bit of Waitrose baby bottom balm to heal dry patches and the game is done! Night time skin care completed

Bottom line: I like to add eventually some extra treatments: exfoliation  (physical and chemical ) once a week to get rid of dead cells and brighten up my skin. Also, I'm currently testing derma roller (twice a month).

And what about your daily skincare routine?


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