How to sharpen a knife whetstone

Knife sharpening stone

How to sharpen a knife whetstone

Jul 22, 2021, 4:56:51 AM Business

Ask a chef how important it is to not spend time chopping and cutting and how necessary it is to have fine and aptly cut ingredients.


Kitchens these days lack one of the most essential items. Only dinner sets and wine glasses do not complete the kitchen. One needs to have a Whetstones Set as well. Most people do not consider it an important part of the kitchen. However, it completes the kitchen. For knives to stay sharp and efficient, their sharpening tools are required. What is the use of having futile knives in the kitchen which also impact the food making process?


Now the question arises, what to choose? Whetstone tools or knife sharpeners? Undoubtedly, whetstone sharpening is a better option. Why? Because it is hassle-free, safe, and effective. The Whetstone set has a non-slip bamboo base that does not let accidents happen while knife sharpening. What is the use of spending money on lubricants and other sharpening machines?

What to choose?

Whetstones for sharpening knives make the best gift for all. For a budding chef who is learning to become the best food expert, this is a great treasure. From bib knives to simple ones, every knife needs to be maintained and taken care of. With time, the sharpening objects lose their shine and their efficiency. To rub off burr, to provide smooth edges, to enhance the sharpening strength, and to let knives chop and cut food in no time, Best Knife sharpener is highly recommended.

Imagine it is the day of the master chef exam! Ingredients are ready, the recipe is set, enthusiasm is high but then suddenly knives pull out their support! This will result in wastage of time and also will not finely cut the desired size of the food items.


To be true, a knife sharpener may not be a durable option. But Whetstone tools such as angle guide, bamboo base, etc. forming a whetstone set is worth the usage. It is pocket friendly as most of the Whetstone sets provide a facility of two different grit Whetstones in the same set on two different sizes. So, according to the knives and tools, one may use them. It doesn't require much maintenance either. Just some water for the whetstones and later drying it to keep it back! Isn't it as easy as ABC?

How to sharpen a knife whetstone

Usually, knife sharpeners can be electric machines or manual ones also. For the electric ones, no doubt, the usage is simple and speedy but it brings some disadvantages too. Yes, switching on and off to sharpen a knife is super easy but this process is highly energetic and aggressive. This might not only remove the unwanted material from the knife but may also remove the basic material of the Kitchen knife sharpener, limiting its durability.


On the other hand, the manual knife sharpening machine does not work with power but with hands! The knife is pulled through slots repetitively, confusing of how many times to do it? This may also result in removing the material of the knife. However, it is easy to store or carry.

What grit whetstone for knife sharpening

But, Whetstone Set deserves more votes than others. The results after sharpening knives are fabulous. It may not work with a single on or off, but it gives the best efficiency. These are used with water as mentioned above. However, some are used with oil too but that requires extra cleaning up! The Whetstone sharpening process by My Shape Time is worth mentioning. Their Whetstone Set is durable, Knife sharpening kit, comes along all the necessary parts, and sharpens the edges perfectly sharpening stones. The dual-sided Whetstones with different grit are suitable not only for kitchen knives but for other object such as gardening tools, scissors, etc.



The choice is clear. For sure, if we want our knives to not lose their life, if we don't want to spend a heavy amount on lubricants and honing oils if we want our sharp tools to have fine edges and shine, and if we desire for having smooth slicing, chopping, or cutting, then a Whetstone Set is a must! And that too by My Shape Time. It is because it comes with satisfaction, dual-sided grit, all the parts intact, superior quality, and best results!


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