features make MyTeam11 better than other fantasy sports platforms

features make MyTeam11 better than other fantasy sports platforms

Jun 30, 2021, 8:06:44 AM Sport

MyTeam11 is India’s leading fantasy sports platform and users are admiring their service, thanks to its outstanding features. In this competitive world of fantasy sports, MyTeam11 kept its features updated which enhance the user experience. MyTeam11 is India’s second most popular fantasy game app and in just a couple of years since its launch, they become the biggest fantasy brand. MyTeam11 does not offer only cricket but it has provided some other sports too. It introduced Rugby in 2020. With an easy withdrawal process and smooth playing system, MyTeam11 is now the finest fantasy app in India. 

What features make MyTeam11 better than other fantasy sports platforms? Let’s understand it with five points: 

The credit system and a free hand 

The credit system is MyTeam11’s best part and every user takes it seriously because sometimes high credit points trouble them to create the best team. This app maintained it and you can easily take so many big players with high credits in fantasy teams. 

Meanwhile, the second-best thing is, MyTeam11 is picking the players with no extra limitation. We saw on various fantasy platforms allow at least 3 batsmen and 3 bowlers in a fantasy team and this process hurt the user when users don’t want to pick 3 players from a section. MyTeam11 updated this limitation and you can now pick only two players from the batting and bowling section. It helps users to create their best fantasy cricket team. If you are investing an amount, platforms should definitely give users a free hand to pick their best team and MyTeam11 does it very well.  

Best withdrawal system among all fantasy sports app 

Withdrawal system is a big concern for any new user. Sometimes, most of the users don’t even try fantasy because they believe their amount will not be credited to their account or the app might use the account information. MyTeam11 denies all these things and offers a safe withdrawal. 

MyTeam11’s payment system asks for your bank details and pan card number. The process is pretty safe and the company does not take any vital information. They follow the privacy. You can easily add money to your MyTeam11 wallet and when you get the winnings, you can withdraw the amount by sending them a request. They will credit the amount in your account without making any delay. MyTeam11 will even inform you by sending a mail and within three business days, the amount will be in your bank account. No one can open your account without your permission. 

Offer the experience of other games such as Rugby, Hockey, etc 

MyTeam11 introduced the fan following for other non-cricketing sports and users interacted with football, basketball, kabaddi, hockey, etc. Don’t forget MyTeam11 were the first fantasy website that introduced Rugby. 

Their new sports feature helped new users to understand the game and allowed non-cricketing fans to play these sports. They have also added few tips in their apps to learn everything about the game which is the best thing for the beginner. They have mentioned basic knowledge about the fantasy points system. If you face any problem while creating the team, MyTeam11 will help you out with their blogs and help desk. 

Release exciting offers such as Golden ticket 

Do you know, MyTeam11 introduce offers almost every week? They add an amount to your wallet when you create your account for the first time. If you refer the MyTeam11 app to anyone or he creates an account on it, you will gain a referral bonus. 

They introduced the idea of a golden ticket during the pandemic which attracted new users. Golden Ticket helps you to avail an extra bonus in the wallet. They launch golden tickets just before a big sporting event such as the Indian T20 League, World Cup or any famous League. They launch basic offers every single week. You can use their codes on some e-commerce websites like Myntra. These offers will keep you engage with their fantasy service. 

Quiz system for non-sports users 

Sometimes user get bored of playing sports fantasy and they usually play on their favourite teams. What if your favourite team don’t have a game today? Or may be your favourite game has an off-day like we see in football during weekdays. 

Considering this fact, MyTeam11 introduced a quiz section in 2020 and it’s a great thing they tried in pandemic for the non-sports users. If you don’t follow sports but you love to play quiz, MyTeam11 make this process easier for you. The best part is, you can earn money through the quiz. It’s similar to joining a contest in any fantasy sport. You can play against a single user or you can play with more than one player. Who will give the more and quick answers, will take the winning amount. It will test your general knowledge. In fantasy sports, you rely on a player’s performance, but in the quiz, your winning will be decided on you that how you answer those questions. 

Conclusion: Have you seen such features on any fantasy apk platforms and MyTeam11 did it in past one year. They also kept pandemics in mind and introduced some innovative ideas. They give a free hand to users with a better credit system. The withdrawal system is easy and safe which allows users to join more contests. MyTeam11 promotes other sports and they don’t stick to cricket only. MyTeam11 provides engaging behaviour with users by introducing golden tickets and extra offers. They have everything for various sets of users.

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