Dear, Suicide note,

I have always been a soul, lurking at the end. Awaiting to enter the eternal realms. Don't fret, my dear. I am finally home.

Seems extreme?
Not for some people, for some people, it is simple option as choosing whether to wear black or red. And as simply as someone decides that, some people decide this.
And as difficult as deciding that goes, same happens with it.

Today is suicide prevention day.
I have never lost any one to suicide. Its like a house on the street. I have heard about it from different people but hasn't been connected in society yet.
But, tell you what?
From what I have heard about it, it would seem or feels to me that were we to acquaint with each other, there can happen a very deadly of friendship; a forever lasting.

So naturally, as street neighbours I have heard quite a lot and sometimes just feel the urge to knock it down at its door.

Don't you get worried, it's not like I would commit suicide.
It's normal, it's everyday routine thoughts. Nothing fatal.

Let me tell you of my other neighbours, delicate and a haunted streets members.

Suicide resides at the far edge of the street, on opposite sides.
Right next to my house is depression, we are close friends but sometimes I just feel as if it's a lie. Like may be we are not friends at all and enemies.
It's normal I guess, friends sometimes do have ups and downs.

To the left lives OCD, now this house is my best friend, we know each other since childhood.
We are very intimate friends.

Some day ago only, Borderline personality moved in. We don't know each other that well, but we will I guess.

My street, has a total of 10 houses. 5 of these people and 5 others, now the people of these houses are my family, they help me and protect me from sometimes when things get heated between my and above mentioned neighbours.

These people, my family, May be you know of them. They are quite famous people. I may sound insane telling you about them, but no one should hide their families.
These people have personalities and characters; past and wounds. Stories. Beautiful collateral stories.

Heard of the person from Seattle who saves lives?
Know of the owner of the state of pemberley?
Remember the story of the brave king of New Orleans?
And the Severus Snape, off course.
And I almost forgot, the warrior; who survives in the face of darkest fear.

These are my people, my family, who stays with me in all my darkest hours, we together form an army, that fights all evils and stand for the right of people.
We never give up on each other. We love each other. We uphold the vows of family.
Among the company of each other, we don't have to hide what goes on the the evil side of a persons mind. We understand each other.
We understand the monster pets.
We encourage and motivates each other and most of all, we forgive all of ours grievous sins.
We believe, it is only through mistakes that we really live any life.

I know, you are smiling, the perfect family you ever heard of right?
Yes, yes, I really am lucky.

Together we take on the world.


A sound mind, would laugh a smirk and yawn at such delusions.
They truly aren't sound mind, thus.

Suicide is very common. Depression, even with all our practices to ignore it, exists.
It is all very real, doesn't mean it is not, even only it it happens in our heads.

I believe you. I am one of you. I am your family. People who are depressed, you are brave men. Remember all those stories of greatest survivors? The pain they endure and then still come out, shining, remember those men, you wanted to be?
You are on the pathway of it.
People don't describe the pathway, because it haunts even the bravest of all.
So hold Still, fight in the name of yourself.
And I promise, even If the world doesn't know of your story, it'll still be true, you'll still be the saviour, of yourself and the people who are lost on the pathways you are now walking; makes you a great men.

Suicide, is a very beautiful option. It requires courage, but if you really wanted to be dead, you would have done it already.
Stirs up questions, that May be in the part of you, you don't yet know, you want to live.

So, rise above. People on social media sites who cry about it, never really get out of it. Had they, they would have made something extraordinary out of their lives.
So instead, look for people who don't shout of these things, they are true heroes. They have survived the most ruthless of times.

All around the world, the semi colon is being used to describe us. So we are a family, we could have ended our lives but we CHOSE not to.

Embark yourself with it; with this, so that everywhere we may be known and recognized as a family.

People don't get it, but this is who we are. We keep on fighting and this is how it will be for the rest of our lives.

So rise above; and be the king for your throne awaits.

-Naba Mehdi.

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