Suffering from depression

Suffering from depression

Jul 22, 2016, 8:45:01 PM Opinion

I am a patient suffering from extreme depression and the best part about it that I enjoy it. I like it that I am depressed.
That may sound a little strange but it is true nonetheless and this is because only when I am depressed is when I am on the outside what is am from the inside.
You know when you are depressed, the following two things are really important to note, for those who are putting their first step into the wild and torturous world, from the long with standing members of it.
Firstly, being depressed is not wrong, it means that you are not fooled by this bright and shiny gold plating done on the exterior of this beautiful and simple world by the group of people we call society, of whom our families are pretty much scared off. It means that you live in the deep interior of the world so polished over the exterior and being there, in that huge space, alone, fills you with sadness. Sadness of not being with your family, sadness of missing them, sadness of not rescuing them too from the malicious world but also the anger and disappointment somewhere in your stomach, that people you loved with all your heart, the people that you called family cast you aside so easily without blinking an eye as if you meant nothing to them, as if all they ever said was a huge lie. The feeling of being manipulated and deceived somehow ends you up in what the world calls depression.
The people on the exterior, who polish and corrupt even the most pure of hearts calls this depression a sin because they know, it will loosen their hold on the exterior and all the birds in the interior will finally be free. So they use our own world against us to hold us captive.
secondly, if you suffer from depression, it is only then you find who is really loyal to you and you will not be surprised to often find yourself alone standing in the midst. Do not be alarmed and hurt on such a finding rather cherish it as an opportunity to love yourself and find yourself from the abyss of your heart. Finding your true self is what really matters and there can not be a better opportunity to do so.
So, if you are depressed then don’t be sad, after all you are the one who uses their brains that God gave you to use.
If you have problems and that depresses you then I believe you, I believe that your problems are way more serious then mine because only you know he intensity of it, only you know how deep the cut is and just because you are 17 does not mean your problems are any less serious then that of a 21 year-old,  or that 21 year old problems are not serious as 45 year-old. The problems you face are for your age and that makes them as important and serious then anyone else’s!!

Published by Naba Mehdi

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