Fragments of a failed society.

Jagged pieces,a work of art.

But objectified,still.

A hurricane, with floating stardust.

A philocalist, nebulas in the soul

But dismantled by madmen.


Fainting and fawning over pretty faces, then locking them up in cages.


Vicious tongues sugar coating, then rambling unguarded content.

The manipulative stab, with a miseducated alibi,

Insanity that is irreparably damaged.

Disregarding the grace and masking the courage.


Because we will end this rampant epidemic and string it up the rope and break it down to its last shred,

In this misogynistic society,

We will grow,

Grow, breaking their bones,

Creeping in like wildflowers,

Unraveling hidden nooks and corners of uncharted maps.

We will soar,

Soar above this mindless notion of supremacy.



Published by Nakshi Shah

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