Creative Ways For Vocal Production

Creative Ways For Vocal Production

Feb 22, 2021, 3:35:35 PM Tech and Science

Vocals in a song become the highlight, especially in mainstream music and nowadays Vocal Production has become a trending activity for a lot of Music Producers. Vocal Production involves creative & innovative methods to enhance dry vocals. Vocal Production has become such an essential part of the new age music that we all listen to these days.

There are multiple ways & methods to transform your raw vocals. These methods may include playing around with reverbs & delays, double tracking, distortion, harmonization, use of autotune & pitch shifting, sampling, vocal chopping, automation, etc. One can learn all these skills by pursuing a music production course in Chandigarh from the top music institute.

Let's discuss vocal chopping first. Vocal chopping, also known as a sampling of vocal phrases is a heavily used tool nowadays in modern music. Whether it is EDM, rap music, pop music or even commercial Indian film music, usage of vocal chops is a new trend altogether. It can be quickly done by selecting a vocal adlib sample of your choice and then trimming and manipulating the sound to use it as a musical instrument in your soundtrack. This can be done through a sampler in your DAW and even in the editor window. 

The use of pitch fx plugins like Autotune & Melodyne has become a trendy method to bring all the voices in the correct pitch. However, there have been misuses of it as well. But using pitch shifting or autotune on vocals to give it a new tone altogether is an exciting way to use it. It gives a very different dimension to the vocal takes and can be used on appropriate music genres. Harmonizing the voices digitally by using vocoder or similar plugins is also a way to play around with pitch. One can create harmonies to the voices digitally with the help of such plugins.

Playing around with reverbs and delays can get very creative. I have seen music producers use long reverbs on vocals and transform them into magical pads and tweaking a little more. Another exciting way is to use delay on adlibs or vocal chops and then pan/automate and fill up spaces. Double tracking is widely done to bring up additional energy in the vocal performances or purposefully create such a sound. Also, for group/chorus recordings, people have been using multiple takes and then stacking it all together to create a massive sound out of it. 

These are just a few examples of creative vocal Production & designing. There are a lot of methods to do exciting vocal Production. And you can learn these from experts at a proficient music production school by joining a music production course in Chandigarh. You may visit the website of some top institutes and apply for admission online.

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