Job Opportunities after Pursuing Bachelors of Visual Arts

Job Opportunities after Pursuing Bachelors of Visual Arts

If you are creative and imaginative, then pursuing a degree in visual arts could be the best option. Bachelor in Visual Arts (BVA) program is focused on the study of fine arts, visual arts, and performing arts. This 4-year degree program requires an area of specialization, to be chosen by the candidate as per their interests. The course not only aims to hone the creative skills of the aspirants but also trains them to become successful artists. There are umpteen career opportunities available in visual arts for BVA graduates.

Throughout the course, students are exposed to classroom courses in art history, theory along with intensive studio experience in print media, drawing, painting, sculpture, and more. If you decide to focus on visual arts, the skills which you gain during the degree program are high-valued and flexible to multiple sectors. After completion of the bachelor of visual arts course from a reputed institute, the visual art graduate can work as an animator, game developer, compositor, multimedia or fine art artist, and more. Pursuing a degree in visual arts will teach you to become a dynamic thinker and problem solver.

Future of Bachelor in visual arts graduates

Visual Arts is a promising field for those who are passionate about arts and its related fields. The range of job opportunities in this field covers several artistic and creative avenues. The degree allows graduates to explore the corporate world by being a digital designer.

Here are some of the career options in visual arts suitable for BVA graduates:

1.      Animator: The role of animator involves creating pictures and visuals for video games, TV, books, video games, and more. This is the most desirable field with a good career scope in today’s digital era.

2.      Art director: The demand for visual art courses in India is increasing and with a BVA degree in graphics and multimedia design, candidates can pursue a career as an art director. They are responsible for the development of visual and written material through the layout and the design of artwork.

3.      Artist: The artists produce artwork by using a variety of techniques. They could be a painter, illustrator, sculptor or any printmaker in a commercial art studio, publishing house or any advertising company. A fine artist can even choose to work as a freelancer and sell their work through art galleries.

4.      Graphic designer: The role of a graphic designer is to create visual concepts by hand or via software to communicate ideas. They are responsible for an overall layout and production design for magazines, brochures, or advertisements.

5.      Art teacher: After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in visual arts in the fields such as painting or sculpting, one can start their career as an art teacher.

6.      Multimedia artist: With an undergraduate course in visual arts and a specialization in multimedia, multimedia artists are responsible for creating storyboards or animation sequences. They can work for ad agencies, best design colleges and companies, gaming, and television corporations.

Apart from the above, there are still plenty of options available for visual art graduates. It’s important to choose the college and specialization wisely. Visit the website of colleges you are considering to get the details about visual arts courses and the opportunities offered.

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