The Need of Education beyond Classroom Teaching

The Need of Education beyond Classroom Teaching

Oct 18, 2021, 7:44:19 AM News

It is understood that education is for life as well as for life. Education itself enlightens, empowers, and reforms people. The social, cultural, and intellectual transformation of man - Homo sapiens - into a human being is only possible through proper education. Education, aside from economic perspectives, is the most powerful tool that can change the world.


Education beyond the classroom opens up a new channel called “co-visual learning.” In countries like the United States, admission to world-famous universities like Harvard and Stanford is regulated, besides consistently high marks up to the IX standard, and co-academic activities such as social work, athletics, achievements in fine and performing arts.


This system of valuing student exposure outside the academic front is something that we must emulate in our teaching-learning to train regime. Ingenious non-formal pathways must duly replace rote learning that has been practiced for decades. In our country, the transition from the non-formal education system (called “gurukula”) to the formal education system took place a few hundred years ago, especially after the British at the end of the 16th century.


The formal paradigm is a well-structured and defined learning variant but compartmentalized and restricted because of rigid “prescriptions” in reference texts/books and supervised curricula. There is a trust named RSET, a charitable educational trust whose major aim is to promote education for a girl child and free education. They focus more on education beyond classroom teaching for the improvement of their students.


Benefits of education beyond the classroom for students?


The aim of external learning

There are several things you know about outdoor learning. Education is not about acquiring knowledge, but it involves several other things that can only be achieved through learning outdoors. This type of learning helps students frame their learning methodologies based on the things they see. Today, educational trusts provide students with a capacity to learn and contribute to living a successful life in this society.


Outdoor learning also adds various benefits which are not offered by classroom learning, and it is a perfect complement for the same. The primary aim of external education is to make the student understand difficult concepts very quickly. It helps to better understand the fundamental concepts.


The impact created by external learning

The impact created by outdoor learning differs from the effects of classroom teaching. The brain reacts differently when you study beyond the classroom. This type of alternative learning is called experiential learning. It is a learning method based on your senses. The things you hear and feel can have a bigger impact on your success.


Exploring things in the world can help you expand your practical knowledge. Beyond the classroom, teaching methods maximize learning potential. It offers a quality overall learning experience as it bridges the gap between classroom study and hands-on study.


Benefits of outside learning

There are several benefits that outdoor learning can offer students. One of the major benefits of outdoor education is that you understand the different subjects. It promotes your life skills as you face various types of challenges during your outdoor learning. Education beyond the classroom can make students more successful in their lives because it strengthens their personal and social skills. Outdoor learning makes you independent in your learning process.


Outside learning creates an interest in the various subjects of academics, which keeps students engaged in their studies. It fosters creativity, and you do things differently from others. It is an informal learning process, and it feels more like a game that makes learning enjoyable. This type of education changes your attitude towards life, and it helps you become successful citizens. They are ready to take on challenges and take risks. The overall confidence of the student improves with the practical knowledge gained through outside learning.


You cannot replace classroom teaching with outside learning, and the two must go together for you to be successful. A charitable educational trust used this method in Mumbai. You can visit the website and check the about us page for complete information about the organization.

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