Which of these is easier to do?

I shared this article I posted on my blog a while ago and sharing with you will give space to new interactions, opinions and experiences.

This afternoon, I had lunch with some few old colleagues I worked with some years back. It as all fun as we dine and share past experiences.

I took the phone of one teacher, Robert, who had a complicated pattern to lock his device. For security purposes, on a second thought, he is a married man with kids. He called the pattern "my signature" . I was watching music videos on the phone and seems to be locking immediately I involve myself in a conversation.

After lunch, a questions popped up on the table. I think sharing this with you and getting your feedbacks will provide further introspection on today's topic.

These are the questions I asked them

  1. Will you grant your spouse access to your phone?
  2. Will you show your spouse your payslip or paycheque? and
  3. Will you consider having a joint account with your spouse?

I got interesting responses, and I'm still yearning to have yours and get different point of views to this dialogue.

Some of my these people are married so it gives the practical aspecct of the whys. I used to work as an accounts clerk at a school, responsible for collection of school fees and feeding fees of primary school.

The matron, an Osofo maame (Pastors wife) will give clearance to her Mr. when it comes to her phone but not ready to reveal what she earns or have a joint account with her husband. Mavis, a kindergarten teacher shared her view about the motion.

"My phone is my personal property but if my husband hasn't shown me his payslip there's no need showing him mine and I won't dare having a joint account with him.

Fast forwarding, I brought these questions with me t0 the office and answers I got was no difference but circumstantial.

Let's get interactive, what will be your answer to these questions?

Share with us your opinions and experiences.


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