Top 7 Facts for WordPress Bloggers looking to Monetize their Blogs

Top 7 Facts for WordPress Bloggers looking to Monetize their Blogs

Jun 24, 2021, 2:35:04 PM Business

Do you have a WordPress blog, but you are not sure how a blog works and how to attract more traffic? Are you wondering how bloggers earn money with their blogs?

Then it is high time that you learn how to utilize the most highly rated blogging platform of our time for SEO and blog monetization. Head to the world’s best WordPress hosting site where you will discover how easy and effective WordPress is for any blogger and how you can turn your blog into a money site. 

WordPress is considered the most powerful Content Management System (CMS) and you can learn more about other blogging platforms such as the best blogging platforms for writers or the best blogging platforms for SEO before you choose one. 

WordPress powers more than 35% of all sites on the internet, making it a leading platform with more than 80 million blogs globally run with WordPress.

If you are going to go ahead with WordPress, then you should check out the following 9 facts to make the most of this platform.

WordPress offers more than just a platform for Blogging

This platform was created mainly for the use of blogging initially, but the developers quickly realized its potential and added various features to the backend. Today everything can be built with WordPress, ranging from a basic blog to a complex e-commerce site where businesses or stores sell thousands of products or services via their websites built with WordPress. And even top bloggers and influencers add a shop to their successful blogs for additional monetization apart from affiliate marketing for example.  

WordPress does not cost you anything

The WordPress platform is an open-source software so you will not pay a dime for using its basic services that are available to everyone. You can create as many websites as you want (unlimited) without purchasing any additional licenses with this open-source platform, but you will also have paid options to add features and functionalities that are not free.  

WordPress provides tens of thousands of themes, templates, and plugins for free; this is of utmost importance because it can help customize your content and website to your desired outlook. Besides, you can utilize your premium themes and plugins to earn extra money online such as through plugins for affiliate links or sponsored ads. 

You can Earn a Living Without offering Services

Any blogger or webmaster can seriously generate a good amount of money online by creating and selling WordPress themes and plugins; for instance, like Woo Themes did. They started creating customized WP themes back in 2008 and WordPress's parent company purchased all their themes for around $30 million in cash.

But there are various other money-making avenues that you can look into without working directly with clients, offering services or products. With blogs the main automated cash flow derives from affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and sponsorships. Obviously, you will still have to provide relevant content, but you will do this anyway as a blogger. This will give you the advantage of flexibility in your career where you are free to choose who you work with and at which rate and terms.  

You learn Digital Skills with WordPress 

Being a WordPress blogger and designer/developer does not only offer a tech advantage with WordPress skills. Business-minded individuals or entrepreneurs can benefit from using WordPress, because it is an excellent tool for setting up a business website. Whether it is a landing page, setting up online stores, and many other tasks, knowing how to customize themes and install plugins for the perfect website can enable you to save tons of money when you are a beginner. 

Skills obtained from WordPress can also be helpful for digital marketers as you will learn how to use digital skills to rank and market your own websites or possible client’s websites. You can find jobs working with the platform for companies that run their sites on WordPress or as a developer or designer or in marketing.

Famous Brands use WordPress 

Since many well-known websites are made with this platform, high-profile brands like CNN's news sites are built on WordPress. Some other established brands are The New Yorker, The Next Web, and many others more. As you can imagine these brands get a lot of traffic and engagement every hour of the day, so if WordPress is powerful enough to entail these brand’s demands, it is powerful enough for any site you may need to build.

WordPress is Ideal for Freelancers

WordPress skills are used by bloggers, marketing consultants, and SEO consultants and one can offer freelance services as a WordPress specialist. You will discover numerous job opportunities, if you want to offer essential WordPress services like WordPress theme customization or fully customized WordPress website creation with all sorts of backend programming. You can find multiple online WordPress tutorials ranging from website set-ups to profiting from blogs. Within a few months, you shall have acquired enough skills to get you started as a freelancer to offer WordPress or web design services, which can also include virtual assistance for example with posting articles. To get an idea of all your home business options, do your research first to establish which freelance jobs would be most suitable for you. 

WordPress supports Membership Sites

WordPress has been around since it was released in 2003 and it has been updated hundreds of times to make it easy to manage websites in terms of both maintenance and monetization. In addition, the free support from the community also offers excellent resources available from a variety of WordPress experts and developers. If you experience a problem, you can always find advice or hire somebody to fix it for you. 

If you are considering setting up a members-only, you can use WordPress numerous members-only site plugins; some are paid, and some are free. The membership plugins allow you to create premium content that is only accessible to subscribers or members. You can set up a membership page easily, where they must sign up first. You can add payment options here for subscriptions too. This is especially used in the gaming sector where many video gamers build blogs to share their gaming tips and tricks via their own Minecraft game servers for example. But anyone offering expert content of high value can encourage website visitors to become members and pay through subscriptions or additional fees. 

Now you know all about the popular and globally known WordPress blogging platform, which can be employed by both beginners and experienced bloggers to create blogs, business, or e-commerce sites and monetize them. 

Try WordPress today with the world’s best WordPress hosting plans and the innovative SeekaPanel.

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