My Quest To Find The Perfect Deodorant

My Quest To Find The Perfect Deodorant

/an update to my recent post introducing LB Anthologies All-Natural Deodorant...


I just did laundry yesterday, and found that all the sleeved shirts I wore during my so-far trial of my new found deodorant have the most disgusting armpit stains! I'm not sure if it's the beeswax or what in the formula, but it looks like straight oil (and it's gross)! So although we had a good run, I think my love affair with this deodorant ends here...

Fortunately, Pinterest came to the rescue this morning. Just as I was going to spend my day sulking about yet another natural deodorant I've found not working out, I saw a post from that tests out 5 healthy deodorants and reviews them all. See the post here.

I decided to order just the #1 rated deodorant from the post (Native), obviously I've flushed a bunch of money down the drain on this search, and don't feel it necessary to continue doing that! I'll be reviewing it in my next Beauty Tryouts post, coming soon.

Normally, I'm very short-tempered with these kinds of things, and would have given up after the first or second try and just stuck with what I was using before. Here are some (important) reasons why I'm sticking with my search:

  1. I have a weird intuitive feeling that putting common chemicals like aluminum that are found in 99% of drugstore deodorants in a place like your armpits has to be a direct link to breast cancer due to the physical closeness in proximity.
  2. I've been having weird reactions lately to the different deodorants I've been using, & breaking out in your armpits is not cute!
  3. I hate the filmy-residue that drugstore deodorants leave, they're difficult to wash off in the shower.


Have you guys tried/found any natural deodorants that are a) free of harmful chemicals 2) effective antiperspirants and 3) don't leave filmy, sticky residue?


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